Top 10 Most Visited Video Site in 2012

There are billions of people who access the internet everyday searching for the latest and hottest stuffs.  Viewing videos are one of the top activities people do everytime they are on the internet. So here are the top ten sites that people are most likely to visit.

10. Viacom Network

Viacom network is not only visited because of its stored videos but because of its many features like MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Addicting Games, and many more. It was also the world’s fourth largest media site. Their estimated visitors every month is 4, 800, 000.

9. AOL Video

AOL Video is one of the video sites that were created in 2006. It offers highly branded multimedia and video content as well as the user-generated videos. Users can view the hottest and latest videos anytime. The subscribers of this site can also view the most watched videos. For now, they have fourteen active channels. Their estimated visitors every month is 5, 100, 000.

8. Facebook

Facebook has what it takes to become one of the most popular and visited video websites on the internet mainly because of its populous users. Facebook’s videos have many features that are working uniquely other than the rest of the video site in this article. Watching some videos are very possible even if you don’t own the videos especially if you are tagged in certain videos, or if someone posted or sent them to you in your Facebook account and you like a page that is one of the sources of certain video clips. Their estimated visitors every month is 9, 600, 000.

7. Microsoft Video Network

Microsoft Video Network is an extremely one of the most visited video website markets having its familiar features such as Bing Videos, and TODAY. Aside from the two features, Microsoft Video Network has also many multimedia offerings that bring in millions of users and subscribers every month coming from different parts of the world. Their estimated visitors every month is 11, 900, 000.

6.  Google Video

Google Video site offers a very easy to use and search interface online. Users can view and watch for many videos found on any other video sites like YouTube and Daily Motion. There are millions of videos that are available if you want to watch it in Google video site coming from different video sites. Even movie clips and TV shows can also be found in this site using a keyword. Their estimated visitors every month is 14, 900, 000.

5. Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! Video site was officially viewed in 2006. This video website offers numerous branded channels including movie trailers and video clips, and other popular videos. There are many ways to search for videos in this site because of its search function bar located at the top of the website. Some of the featured videos and channels in this site are Discovery Channel and PetTube. Their estimated visitors every month is 17,000,000.

4.  Daily Motion

Daily Motion video site was launched on 2005. Videos in Daily Motion can be searched using many different ways like channels or by checking out the Most Viewed and Trending Videos that are displayed in their browsing area. Their estimated visitors every month is 27,000,000.

Most Visited Video Site

3. Vevo

Unlike from many video websites mentioned in this article, Vevo video site is strictly for music videos only. It was launched on 2009; it offers the highest quality music multimedia coming from different organizations such as Sony, CBS, and Walt Disney Records. Based from multiple survey statistics, Vevo has been considered as the number one music multimedia on the internet.  Their estimated visitors every month is 34,900,000.

2. Hulu

Hulu was created in 2007. It is one of the most famous and most trusted video sites on the internet that offer a huge high quality kind of multimedia contents including the hottest and latest TV network channels. It becomes a very attractive choice to subscribers looking for better video viewing options. Their estimated visitors every month is 40, 000,000.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing site where anyone can share any videos, home-made videos, and any other kinds and types of videos online. It was originally created in 2005 and it was bought by Google in 2006. It is the most popular video sharing and watching site on the internet today, that’s why many people take opportunities to be known artists, or advertise something through YouTube. Their estimated visitors every month is 450, 000, 000.

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