Top 10 Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a technique being used by website owners wherein they write blog posts for other websites and in turn are given the chance to insert back links directed to their website. Sounds like a lot of effort? Well, the effort is all worth it because of these top 10 benefits of guest blogging.

10. Gain more traffic to your website.

If you submit a guest blog for a famous website, you will gain more traffic in your own website as well because of the backlinks you insert. So make sure your article is high quality and the website you choose to write for has a lot of followers already.

9. Meet new bloggers.

You will be able to meet new bloggers and interact with them. You can learn tips from them and you will have lots of opportunities to learn and share strategies with them.

8. Improve your writing skills.

Since you will be writing a lot with your guest blog posts, this is a great opportunity to improve your writing skills and in the future, be a writer for other blogs as well. It expands your online writing horizons.

7. Exposure.

This is true for both you and your brand name. Though it may be true that not all visitors will click your back links, your name or brand name is still up there and it still made a mark on the reader’s mind, most especially if your blog post is worth remembering.

6. Increases your SEO rank.

Search engines also consider back links when ranking websites. The more views you get, the higher your rank gets. The more your brand name is mentioned in other websites, the higher the rank gets as well.

5. Gain more followers.

Guest blogging is a great way to expand your number of followers. Given that somebody clicked on your backlink and they liked your website, then they would definitely click on follow or subscribe. An instant increase in followers is sure to happen just as long as your site is follow worthy.

4. Inexpensive way to advertise your blog.

Because of the tight competition of similar websites, it will sometimes cost you to advertise your blog. The only cost you will pay for guest blogging is providing quality content and you already get to advertise your website for free.

Guest Blogging

3. Widen your influence in the internet.

Every blogger’s dream is to be able to influence a lot of people in the internet. You can do this, too through guest blogging. As long as you choose your words and backlinks properly, you can provide influence to followers. You can be a very powerful blogger.

2. Increase your social media standing.

You probably have a FaceBook page for your website. However, do you have enough likes for it to be considered popular? Guest blogging is one way of increasing your social media traffic given that you have social media widgets on your website. In fact, why don’t you just provide direct backlinks to your social media websites for some guest blog posts?

1. Enhance your Portfolio

Have you ever though that this writing thing could be a career for you? Well, you might as well consider it because your guest blog posts are as good as a portfolio that you can show future clients who might need a freelance writer for their blogs.

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