Top 10 Websites to Download HD Wallpapers

Having a high definition wallpaper which matches the screen resolution of your device is a big Turn ON. It refreshes the eyes and mind to watch something you like on your screen. When you turn on the device or even unlock it, the chosen wallpaper provides a sense of ownership for the device and you instantly get a feeling – “Yea! This is my device.” Everyone loves to have a wallpaper on their mobile screens, iphones, laptops, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, and everything else that has got a screen.

Internet is the best way to search for the type of wallpaper you would want. But there are many options on the net and many website offering you such things. Most of them are just a home for advertisements. So to help you in selecting the correct web portal for this very important search, we have shortlisted some of the websites worth visiting when you think of changing your screen’s background.


It has wallpapers under various categories which includes cars, flowers, Android, cute, funny, football, space, background. The wallpapers are attractive and though the collection is less, that doesn’t mean it should be left aside. The images here are worth to look and download.


The website has wallpapers having fixed screen resolution 1600 x 1200 p. It has 9 categories: Abstract, Animals, Cars, Celebrities, Computer, Movies, Nature & Landscapes, Travel, TV Series, Christmas, and Obama having more than 10 pages on every topic. All those who are a big fan of movies and TV shows, here is what you must be looking for.


This portal has got 285 pages which are filled with about 2800 desktop wallpapers available to us for free. Each wallpaper has an introduction for itself which makes this site unique. Artists submit their wallpapers on the and viewers can view information about the artist in his/her profile, wallpapers from the same artist, can comment on the wallpapers and even contact the artist. Wallpapers can be searched through artist-name or tags and can select the resolution from the options like: Apple, Android, Widescreen, Fullscreen, HDTV, netbook, etc. one can even have the themes and icons available on the site.


7). :

The website you can see above offers multiple resolutions of every screen type. There are about 8500 wallpapers categorized into 190 groups. The categories present on the site, cover every topic you can think of for searching a good wallpaper. You can even comment on the wallpapers.


This website resides a collection of distinct wallpapers over 11,000 in more than 20 groups. The visitors to the website can add their comments or even tag the wallpapers. Moving to the category, each wallpaper has a date when it was added to the site, and a drop down list providing a variation in the resolution.


The tag line of this website says it all: “Your best source for CooL Wallpapers and HD wallpapers!” This website allows a user to search wallpaper categorized as: Latest Wallpapers, Top Rated Wallpapers, and Random Wallpapers. The wallpapers are basically divided into about 25 groups. Users can even add the wallpapers to the site.

4). WallpaperVortex .com:

There are above 15,000 wallpapers available on this site under 12 major categories and hundreds and thousands of wallpapers for each category. The caption under every wallpaper informs about the resolution, size, number of views and subcategory. One can create an account, login there and submit wallpapers of their choice. 


This portal contains variable resolution like Wide, HD, Standard, Mobile Brands, Dual and others. Viewers are allowed to rate the wallpapers and view the top-rated ones and many categories with much more than 30,000 wallpaper collection packed on 3010 pages. One can resister on the site, login, and submit the wallpapers. As you visit the wallpaper with mouse, an arrow appears suggesting you to click it to download. If you click on the thumbnail image instead of the arrow, it offers it to add it to your favourites.   


 There are approximately 150,000 wallpapers on this site. There are many tags and search can be conducted by tags. There major categories are: General, High Resolution and Anime. All the content of the site is posted by users themselves which makes this site different from others and better at the same time. Besides wallpapers, it has forum activities going on. these qualities of the portal allows it stand at 2nd position in this listing.

1). DeviantArt: 

This is the largest art community online. There are more than 232 million wallpapers added by 23 million artists and art admirers which are registers on the site. This site serves the community members since year 2000. There are about 20 categories for these art pieces. Each wallpaper has its name and views written just below and pointing to it by a mouse provides information about the name, category, artist, date, etc.  Apart from wallpapers, the site offers journals portal to share the stories and Polls. All these things make it the best website, when you talk in sense of HD wallpapers. I suggest this as there is no topic in the world, which this site doesn’t cover under wall-covers.


So here was the list of top 10 websites for HD wallpapers. If you know some other website which must be added to the list and I might have missed, then feel free to mention them in the comment section. We will be glad to have your reviews.


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