Top 10 Best PC Antivirus & Security Softwares 2012

Today the protection of computer is the most difficult task. Whenever you click on your best song website virus enter your computer, attach any external device to your computer for transferring data also add virus to your system. So in all these cases we need to protect our computer. Antivirus software helps in protecting your computer from the harmful viruses, Trojans, spyware and worms. Antivirus software are the standard security software testers that are easy to install and use. The software installation does’t require  manual use up kit. It can be easily downloaded easily from the company website. Antivirus software companies update their software yearly to enable users fight against the viruses.

Here is the list of top 10 best PC antivirus software 2012 :

10. Spyware Doctor with antivirus

The updated version is one of the Spyware doctor with antivirus is the one the best antivirus software both in performance and features. It served both as an antivirus that protects your system against virus threat and as Antispyware that guards the system against information and identity threat. This software removes and blocks all types of Trojans, worms, spyware, key loggers viruses and other online threat.

9. Avast! Free Antivirus 2012

Avast! free antivirus 2012 is a very useful and popular antivirus on internet as it is free to download. It is a very simple and basic antivirus with very strong and useful protective features. It deals and destroy with all root level problems. It has a machine level system that deal with all the online and all real problems fighting against all the infections. It also has many extra features like identity protection that protects and secure your personal data and light for your computer.

8. Bit Defender 2012

Bit defender is the most popular and useful antivirus when it comes to removing online threats of your PC. It has many features like removing of viruses in gaming mode, virus scanning and removing virus. It provide complete internet security and satisfaction to the user. It is one the leading antivirus software of Asia and is free to download from internet along with the suite of internet protection tools.

7. Norton Antivirus 2012

Norton updated new antivirus called as Norton Antivirus 2012 is one of the best antivirus. It automatically scans the system, remove viruses and inform you that whether the file contains any viruses or any other worms or not when you download it. It also scan and remove mlawares. It has an excellent user interface with all the advanced settings. Many features like easy to install, fast boot time and low memory usage add advantage to this antivirus software. It also has many key features like it delivers clear information like how much memory it is utilizing and how many resources are needed to run the application in your system.

6. Kaspersky Antivirus 2012

KasperSky antivirus 2012 is also one of  the leading antivirus in the market. It has many features like scheduled scans and auto-check files detecing any virus in your PC. The other key features of this antivirus are that it perform the functions of both Antivirus and Antispyware. It also provide browser, Bot and Phishing  protection that helps your PC from different worms and viruses. It also uses a very intelligent scheme for scanning the system that helps in minimizing the resources used for scanning the system. It also act as Antispam and helps in Vulnerability Protection.

5. Comodo Free Antivirus 2012

Comodo antivirus is also a leading software used for the protection of your PC. Its firewall application has won award as its provide very efficient protection to your system against all type of virus, worms and online threats like hacking attempts, spamming and Trojans. It also provide security for email, external devices, shopping, downloads, gaming, IM and browsing. This antivirus can be downloaded free from internet.

4. PC Tools iAntivirus

PC Tools iantivirus is specially used for Mac and for other PC as well. It is very easy to use and install and is very strong and highly efficient software. Real-time system protection is provided by this softwsre that ensure complete and efficient scanning to your system so that Mac remains secure, safe and free from all online threats. It is easily available in the free as well as paid version.

3. Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda cloud antivirus can be downloaded freely. It has cloud technique that ensure that your system is scanned safely and is updated automatically. It also has a feature of automatic quarantine that helps in updating your system automatically and that to with less usage of memory and cpu resources. This software is a very simple and basic and is very easy to install. It can be downloaded freely from the internet.

2. Avira Antivirus Personal

Avira is one of the best software that gives you free downloading and installing for your personal use and also gives you 30 days free trial pack. It has many features like Web Guard protection that prevents your PC from virus prone websites, Anti Drive that provide protection against downloading viruses while surfing internet, Mail Guard that helps in the protection of email and many other online security features. It is a very strong antivirus software for off-line systems also.

1. Microsoft Security Essentials 2012

Microsoft security essential 2012 is the best antivirus software in the terms of security, ease of use, online support, install program, update checking. As the name suggest it is a Microsoft product and can be downloaded freely from their website. it serves as the best antivirus for Windows operating system.

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