Top 10 Ways Of Mastering The Art Of Writing Great Articles

Since content is king on the world wide web, writing great content in your articles will boost your blog’s or site’s credibility. Here are top ten tips on how to improve your article writing skills.

1) Stating what the article is all about:

The first few pages of a book will determine your level of interest in reading that particular book. The same thing applies in online article writing. You should take out some time to create a nice and appealing introduction of what you are writing about in the first paragraph.

2) Organized content:

To make your points look organized and properly articulated you should express them either in paragraph form or by using bullets and numbering. This will not only help you avoid repeating yourself but also expressing the points precisely. You should also profTop Ten Ways Of Mastering The Art Of Writing Great Articlesessionally use your keywords and keyword phrases without stuffing your article and making it look spammed.

3) Optimize the keywords:

Major search engines can only be able to locate your articles on the internet if you use relevant keywords and phrases properly. Optimize the content for relevant keywords. Including keywords doesn’t mean that you start writing for the search engines and forget the interests of your viewers or readers.

4) Short paragraphs:

Since the computer screens are not very flexible mediums for determining the right size of paragraphs, you should be very careful. Experienced writers can tell just by looking at a paragraph that it’s either too long or too short. Learn to make your paragraphs between four to six lines. Moreover, writing short sentences brings about some sense of precision.

5) Use a friendly but professional tone:

Writing in a friendly tone doesn’t mean that you stop being professional in the way you sound. For instance, instead of using medical terminologies when writing a “helpful cancer tips” article, you can use a more conversational tone that is easily related. Your aim is to keep the audience glued and not bored with your reading.

6) Personalizing your articles:

To make readers more responsive, you should try to use personal experiences that are closely related to the topic or material that you are exploring in your writing. It should basically be a teaching experience from a personalized point of view.

7) Advice people on what to do:

You shouldn’t hesitate in telling people what to do. Use your techniques (the product or service) in telling them what to do by answering their possible questions.

8) Offer additional resources:

You should endeavor to offer readers as much as you can in a single article. Therefore, it’s your duty to include other links to other sites or blogs that have similar content to what you are writing about. Sharing other resources with your readers is very good for improving your blog’s credibility. It will show that you indeed have the interests of the readers at heart even as you intend to sell your products or services.

9) Summarizing your writing:

Summarize the facts you talked about in the article and give the readers a reason to believe in investing time in your products or services. Lead them to the resource box or signature block by asking them to ask questions or know more about the topic you were writing about.

10) Optimize the resource box:

Remember this is your selling tool and thus you need to optimize it for major search engines. Give your readers a reason to follow through a call to action.


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