Top 10 Prime Benefits Of Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the commonest ways to implement Search Engine optimization of a given website. There is hardly any sound SEO expert who will not subscribe to this. It is the process by which a website is submitted to various online web directories. This service, mostly, comes for free. The procedure provides ample benefits to the SEO experts, which can be summed up below.

Advantages of Directory Submission

10. Directory Submission Increases Backlinks

One of the major objectives of this procedure is to build back links. Whenever, a Search Engine spider crawls a website, it checks the number of back links the site possesses. More the number of back links better is the chance for the given website to occupy better positions on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

9. Contributes to Search Engine indexing

Search Engines like Google and Bing, etc. find out a particular website following the back links provided in the other websites. If the spider finds the link of the website in question on the directory sites, it automatically follows those links to the website. This automatically increases one’s chances of getting the site indexed in the Search Engine databases.

8. Contributes to web traffic

More directories a given website is listed in, the higher is the chance of footfalls to that website. Actually, most people search on the internet using search strings. This invariably lands them on directories which may or may not be relevant to the topic one is searching for. However, on the other hand this aspect helps in reaching out to a large number of web browsers in a short time span.

7. Using anchor texts effectively

One can use one’s desired anchor text as a tile. This tile will eventually hyperlink one’s site, thus providing anchor text back link. Thus, it is crucial to use keywords as anchor text while submitting to directories. This method actually increases link popularity.

6. Exploiting Niche Directory Submission

Niche directories are a recent trend. By virtue of this, a directory lists only the websites belonging to a particular niche. Directory submission to niche directories provides high quality and relevant back links.

5. Brand Awareness

This concept has gained ample prominence in the recent times. Brand awareness has turned crucial in defining the commercial success of a competent organization. Directory Submission also contributes to promoting brand awareness. The bottom-line is pretty simple. More the number of people know about a site/brand, more popular it will turn out to be.

4. Multiple directory submission and improving visibility

Competent SEO experts rely on submitting a website to as many directories as possible, these days. Submitting a website to many directories help in increasing its visibility, to a considerable extent.

3. Exchanging website links

Exchanging links have become popular, as well as effective these days. Web directories, as a matter of fact, often provide the most dependable link exchanging partners. One can easily find related sites under a given website category. Visiting those links to inquire about any existing link exchanging programs often turn fruitful.


Directory Submission

Prime Benefits Of Directory Submission

3. Attracts visitors

Online web directories catch the attention of a lot of visitors on a daily basis. By registering your internet site in the well known directories, your internet site will get the needed exposure online and visibility on the web.

2. Familiarity

It is very significant in influencing your target clientele in making a positive buying verdict. So web visibility is one of the vital advantages of directory submission.

1. Improves overall performance

In addition, it helps in the overall performance of a particular internet site. This, in turn, will be profitable for any company.

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