Top 10 Free Photo Editing Websites

Majority of “Netizens” are also photo buffs who enjoy flooding their social networking sites and blogs with their latest snaps of practically everything they see. However, not all of us are well-versed with Photoshop. Some of us don’t even have them installed on our laptops much more our tablets and phones. This is your quick fix, the list of the top 10 free photo editing websites.

10. Pixelr (

Pixelr redirects to 3 different editing sites. The advanced one will remind you of Photoshop as the editing mechanisms are the same. The efficient one is where all the basic editing needs, like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, size, and orientation, are supplied. The last one is more playful. The effects offered are more diverse, ranging from vintage to subtle to artsy and so on. Pixlr is your one stop site to online photo editing.


9. Picmonkey (

Picmonkey is a perfect fit for those girly photo editors who want to look their best on all their pictures. Touch up effects focus on glamour and glitter which also happen to be every girl’s ideal photo effect. This site allows you to put blush, mascara, eye shadow and everything else you need to look pretty on your picture.

8. Lunapic (

Lunapic is a user friendly version of more advanced photo editing software.  You can add different animations to your once lifeless or less interesting pictures. You can also adjust the colors and manage the effects that best suit your taste.

7. FunPhoto Box (

This photo editing site allows you to edit your pictures minus the hassle. There are a lot of available choices for effects ranging from funny to artsy to serious. Whatever you preference is, you will surely find an effect that will suit you on this site.

6. Citrify (

This photo editing site can be accessible to any operating system like Mac, Linux and Windows as long as it supports Flash so no need to worry about its compatibility.

Adjusting photo brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, size, orientation and other basic modifications is easier to do on Citrify. It also offers interesting features like comic effects where you could edit your picture to look like an Avenger or like you’re somewhere in the sexy beaches of Greece. These are all available when you use this site.

5. Photo Funia (

This photo editing site offers a variety of fun effects that you could edit into you pictures. You can all see it the moment you open the site. You can put your pictures in the middle of a street art, as replacement to faces on paintings, on books, news papers, on artist’s sketch pads and so on. You can also edit your pictures to form a collage.

4. iPiccy (

iPiccy offers easy to use tools for all your photo editing needs. It’s so user friendly when editing pictures, from removing blemishes, changing eye color to adding a hint of tan, that all it takes is clicking a button. You transform your lacklustre picture to one where you look more presentable and put together.

You can also edit the general feel of your pictures by changing the effects to vintage, sepia or artistic. It’s all just in one click.

3. Big Huge labs (

Started in 2005, Big Huge labs offer a fun and playful take to photo editing. This is the site to edit those school posters, business flyers or just those pictures you litter your room with. The once daunting task of putting together an enticing poster on Photoshop is over; you can simply visit this site, upload a photo and do everything that you need in one sitting. You can even make your jig saw puzzles and other treats.

2. Photovisi (

Photovisi specializes on editing pictures together so they look harmonious and put together in collage with minimal effort for the one editing. Unlike other sites, you can mix and match pictures scrap book style very quickly without compensating the quirkiness or professionalism of you collage, depending on what you need. All the effort required is to drag pictures into the frames and edit away.

1. FotoFlexer (

FotoFlexer is the go-to photo editing site for Photobucket and Piknic users. FotoFlexer is one of the most advanced online image editor where the effects are extremely varied, ranging from comic and playful to professional and sophisticated. You can add your quirky doodles, distort pictures for desired effect, retouch on wrinkles and blemishes, add layers, recolor and even morph pictures.

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