Top 10 Ways To Hack Facebook

Facebook is one of the top brands on social networking sites. There are more than 750 million active users throughout the world. So, it is a great target among the hackers. So, here are the top ten ways to hack Facebook.

10. Botnets

Botnets are not commonly used in Facebook hacking, because of its high setup cost. Botnets are a collection of compromised computers. This technique is same as key-logging. Botnets helps to carry out attacks with the use of compromised computers.

9. Man in the middle attacks

Here Facebook users are attacked by attackers from the same LAN and on a switch based network. A hacker can place himself in between server and client or he also could act as a default gateway. He can now capture all the traffics in between.ARP poisoning are another name of this type of attacks.

8. USB hacking

In this process, the hacker needs to access the computer physically. In this technique they insert a USB drive programmed having a function which automatically extract the saved password from the browser.

7. DNS Spoofing

If both the user and hacker are lying on the same network, they can use the procedure of DNS spoofing attack. In this attack, the hacker change the original page by his own created fake page and able to get the total control in the user’s Facebook account.

6. Mobile phone Hacking

Millions of Facebook users use their account through their cell phones. If the hacker successfully gets the users mobile, then they can hack the account. Various types of mobile spying software are also available to monitor a cell phone.

5. Side jacking with Firesheep

Side jacking is a popular way known among the top ten ways to hack Facebook. Firesheep is used to carry out side jacking attacks. It is possible when both user and hacker are residing in a same Wi-Fi network.

4. Session Hijacking

Session hijacking is very serious if the user is accessing Facebook usin
g http connection. In this session hijacking concept, the hackers are able to steal the user’s cookie, which will help them to prove themselves as a authenticate user in accessing victim’s account. It is also possible in LAN.

Hack Facebook

3. Stealers

80% users use their Facebook account by saving their password in their browsers. It is a quite natural thing in accessing procedure but sometimes it is dangerous. Stealers are software, designed as a tool to get victim’s stored passwords saved in their browser.

2. Key logging

Key logging is one of the best procedures to hack a Facebook password. Key logging is sometimes so dangerous that even a knowledgeable person having computer knowledge will fail to trace it. A key logger is a small program and is needed to be installed once on a victim’s computer. Next this software will record everything which victim types on his/her computer. The logs are then sent to the attackers by FTP or by a direct email.

1. Facebook Phishing

Phishing is still a good procedure among the top ten ways to hack Facebook. There are varieties of methods available in Phishing attack procedure. In simple words, a phishing attack hacker creates a fake Facebook login page similar to the original Facebook login page and asks the victim to log into their original account. Once the victim Logs in through the fake login page the email address and password are striding text file. Then the hacker downloads the text file and gets the original credentials of the victim.



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