Top 10 Things Your Facebook Friends Don’t Need To See

Social networks have, indeed, revolutionized the way we interact with others. Through sites like Facebook, we can be updated with what friends are up to without calling or meeting with them. That fact alone impels us to continually update our Facebook accounts with random information about us or our daily life. But when do we cross the line of sharing information and divulging too much information? Here are ten things we need to refrain from posting on our Facebook page.

10. Your full birth date

Much like you don’t want to tell a random stranger your age, you must keep at least a false birth year or keep it private. People who matter will know the exact date, but those who aren’t don’t need the said information.

9. Your phone number

You are not on Facebook to look for potential stalkers, so lay off posting your phone number. If you do not want to receive calls from heavy breathers and perverts in the middle of the night, just refrain from posting your number. It’s listed in the directory, anyway. If people need to contact you, they could just call Directory Assistance.

8. Your home address

It’s enough for people to see the city you live in. Think of it this way, you would not be willing to give your address to someone you just met, why post it on Facebook?

7. Vacation plans before actually going

This plus number 8 is the perfect invitation to burglars. You can post photos of your vacation, but never reveal your vacation plans.

6. Your relationship status

So, you have a new boyfriend and want the world to know about him. He, however, is your fifth one this year and it’s only August. Unless you want to be the center of gossip, keep the relationship to yourself.

5. Racy photos

No, I’m not specifically saying that you should keep your racy pictures off Facebook. I’m saying keep ALL racy pictures off Facebook. The internet is a hard drive with infinite memory; what is online will always be online. Sure, you find your photos sexy in bikinis while you’re 16, but will you still think the same way when you’re 36?

4. Company information

You got that promotion you were eyeing and can’t wait to tell everyone. Sure, go ahead, post a generic status message like ‘I got the promotion. Yes!’ But lay off company information. We do not want to know that you’ve moved up from mopping the floor to shredding waste paper. Remember, less is more.

3. Complaints

Facebook was not created to perpetuate negativity. It’s not your Facebook friends’ fault why your latte was not hots enough, or that your boss is a total dumbass. You do not want to read other people’s negativities in life, why plague them with yours?

2. Spam links

Don’t post spam links. For the love of God, no one wants to see what some chick did with her boyfriend, or what new variant Viagra offers.

1. Status updates that look like this: ‘…..>>>oMG, i haz a new iPHonE!!!!!!!<<<….

You don’t want to see a status update full of abbreviations, wrong capitalizations, and such. It plainly looks stupid. I’m sure you do not want to read those things, so why post them?

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