Top 10 Social Media Mistakes Entrepreneurs Must Avoid

We can no longer say that social media is the next big thing; it is the big thing. Commencing its journey as a new networking channel for students and youngsters, it has now emerged as one of the most important keys to success for the business world. From big names to the local brick-to-mortar shops, social media is for one and all. Equally, today’s entrepreneurs are also embracing this new media to reap its benefits. But to ensure the best result, entrepreneurs need to take care of these 10 mistakes which can otherwise jeopardize all their efforts.

10. Ignoring its existence for lack of knowledge: The biggest mistake is not doing social media for your entrepreneurship thinking that either it may not boost up profit in a great way, or as you do not know much about it, so why wasting time? This is the most terribly wrong step for an entrepreneur. Having presence in social media is a way of building brand reputation.

9. Irregular activities across sites: So you are not the ones who turn their faces away from social media out of fear or sheer ignorance. You have accounts across sites. But they are different from one another in terms of logo, background or cover photos, intro etc. resulting in confusion for the target market. This is wrong. Use the same content everywhere when it’s about your brand recognition.

8. Using it as a device of self-promotion: So if you have accounts with similar logos and proper brand recognition strategies, but your posts start and end with ‘your business.’ What more? You have scheduled your posts every 1 hour thinking quantity brings quality. But too much of self-promotion along with spamming others’ news feeds is not a pretty good idea.

7. Starting without thinking and then not catching up: You saw somewhere that a new site, Vimeo, is there and you jump into it. After creating the account you feel that it’s a video-sharing site and you don’t have one handy right now. After one week, you forget all about it although your email signature shows links to all social media sites. But most of the profiles are empty.

6. Opening accounts in different platforms without knowing their differences: Until you know how Twitter is different from Facebook and what makes LinkedIn so special, you will keep posting the same posts everywhere.

5. Regularly posting updates without knowing where the audience is: What social media sites your competitors are using? Your audience must be there, but you are wasting time in the wrong site.

avoid blunders in social media

4. Thinking a Facebook page or Twitter handle can do the magic: What about YouTube channel, Pinterest pinboard, and reddit buttons?

3. Sticking to the free stuffs: If you are serious, you need to try out their paid strategies or ad campaigns to get the best result.

2. Not maintaining transparency: Social media is for all and if you fail to handle a complaint or negative comment positively, then your social media presence may fall apart.

1. Forgetting social media is for socializing: Try to engage your audience in two-way conversation with you. Share interesting stuffs with the human audience.

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