Top 10 Reasons to Leave Facebook

Are you looking for a productive way to spend your time or be in the real word? Leaving Facebook may do the magic for you. Although very popular these days, you will find a lot of reasons to leave it. Here are some to start with.

10. Addiction: People are becoming increasingly dependent on Facebook for everything. They have let their real life friends and relationship and established a virtual life with virtual friends. Bring every possible thing from emails to videos to this social network; people are unnecessary spending quality time.

9. Concentration of data: You put all the data related to you on Facebook ranging from your phone number to photos to videos. Imagine if the account is hacked and data sold to some agency. The damages can be horrifying. All your data in one place make it more vulnerable to threats and thefts.

Top 10 causes to Leave Facebook

8. Monopoly: With 1 billion users around the world, it has almost become monopolized in present times. If they turn into a monopoly they will have all the power to do anything they want and still exist. You don’t want to come under the influence of any monopoly, do you?

7. You can’t get rid of things easily: When you turn an adult you may want to forget the stupid things you used to do. In case of Facebook, it is sort of impossible. The post when you posted as a beginner can reappear and embarrass you or it may rekindle the bad experience.

6. Elusiveness:  You don’t know who can check your profile or see what you have posted on different groups. Your insurance company or other agencies can retrieve data from the website and check what you are into. You may put things on Facebook that you might not want specific people to see.

5. Facial recognition: The automatic tagging of photos gave birth to a lot of issues which has rebuffed in many regions now. But with Instagram it’s all coming back. People with pictures on Facebook should be worried.

Why to Leave Facebook

4. Building a profile: Everything you do on Facebook builds your profile. Facebook is a way of self-profiling where every like, every friend and every game you play make up your profile. Profiling is dangerous as your data is more vulnerable to identity theft and other spams on websites.

3. Profit oriented business: Facebook is a profit oriented company with the solid aim of making money. Thus in a business its stakeholders and the advertising agencies come first. Likewise, Facebook has to suffice its stakeholders and advertising agencies first and then the users in the end.

2. Real Information: Whether asked or not, we all put our real names and other information on Facebook or else we will face dire consequences. Connecting your real life with virtual life may create real life issues.

1. Privacy: When you put your videos and photos, no matter how strict the policies are, they still can be seen by people you don’t want them to see.

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