Top 10 Reasons To Avoid Social Media

With the advent of technology, social media has emerged as one the important means of communications among individuals. In this century of competitiveness, people tend to create a better social image for the sake of better acceptance in the society .There is a trend like everybody need to have a Facebook page or a twitter account or a Flicker account or need to update their blog every half an hour. Every small detail of one’s life is updated as the recent status of their social networking page.

In the current economic scenario, social media is an important means of promotion and marketing tool, especially in the fields of advertisement, public relations. Many think of it as booms of the society but social media do have a darker side. Here are ten primary reasons to avoid social media.

10. Spreading of personal information

The first and foremost disadvantage is that your personal information spread across the social network like bush fire. It can often lead to misuse of your personal data thus hampering your privacy

9. Time consuming

Social networking is an intensive time-consuming job. To get your desired results, you have to spend a lot of time since you have to interact with your target audience through online chat and tweets and posts.

8. Hacker’s threats

There is always a threat that your account may be hacked and personal information may be misused. Recently someone posted tweet from the account of associated press stating that there has been an explosion in the white house thus creating a false alarm. If profiles of renowned association can be hacked then anyone is at risk too

7. Risk of negative comments

If social media is used as a means of promotions then there is always the risk of negative comments as well. Since these media are accessible to all public so there always remains a chance for negative comments

6. Question of cheating

Many of us think social media to be a fraud when it comes to online dealings. Its true social networking leads to many cybercrimes,

5. Lack of knowledge about target audience

Many of us are dealing with promotional activities online sometimes don’t get the basic idea about our target audience. Since there is very little possibility of face to face meeting, there is not much of use of such online interaction.

4. Ignorance of subject matter

Sometimes individuals don’t get the idea where and how to start. They are not fully aware of the online procedure. This lack of information is not very helpful.

Social Media

3. Lack of resources

Lack of resources is also one of the disadvantages. Sometimes for we do start a blog –page but don’t know how to maintain it. Without proper care and attention the work will be incomplete which is not exactly useful.

2. Question of mistrust

Since the whole transaction is done online sometimes a question of trust arises. There always remains an element of mistrust among the company individuals and target audience.

1. Overuse of social media

Lastly over use of social media get one addicted to it especially to social networking site like Facebook, twitter etc which is one of the basic problems of modern generation thus hampering proper educational and cultural growth.

All these reasons are mere suggestion not at all the result of biasness towards a particular means of network.


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