Top 10 Reasons FaceBook is Ruining Your Life

FaceBook is the biggest thing that changed the internet landscape over the past few years. You think it’s great until you see these 10 reasons on how it is ruining your life.

(10) You learn how to stalk people or people will start stalking you

No matter how you tweak the privacy settings of your profile, people will find a way to check out your profile. Problems with privacy settings on FaceBook have been published many times in the past. You don’t just get followed; sometimes you can’t help it but stalk people, too. Is it a new hot guy at work you’re checking out or the ex of the guy you’re currently dating? Whoever it is, it is not a sign of psychological well-being.


(9) You spend more time than you should on FaceBook

Don’t deny the fact that you are addicted to this Social Media website. In 2012, the average usage time on FaceBook per month is 16 hours per user. Admit it, you check FaceBook once you get up in the morning, before you sleep at night, if you get a chance to at work or if you see any place with free public wi-fi.

(8) People can track you down

For instance, if you have bad credit scores and you are applying for a loan, loaning companies won’t hesitate to check out your FaceBook account to see how luxurious your life is. Your cover photo or profile photo can easily say a lot about you. If you are not careful, loaning companies can easily decline your application because of pictures you are tagged in.

(7) It can make you seriously depressed

Your self-esteem is on the line and you have no idea how dangerous this is. You often go to FaceBook and see a lot of people from your past and present. At first, you admire how wonderful their lives are but in the long run you won’t be able to help but compare your lives with them. Thus, you end up spending more time wallowing in self-pity through the website rather than actually doing something about your life.

(6) It will hurt your credit scores

Shopping pages and paid games are all over FaceBook and the only way to shop or play is by the use of your credit card. It will be very impossible for you to control yourself especially if everyone else is doing it.

(5) Your mom and dad will find out about all your whereabouts

Your mom and dad are smart enough to check you out on FaceBook. If you blocked them, then most likely, they will check out your friends’ pages. Unless you can convince everyone in your circle to block your parents, they will find out every party you go to.

(4) You lose touch of reality

When was the last time you went to a coffee shop to talk with your friends without checking out your mobile or checking in through FaceBook? In addition to this, conversations are best done in front of each other, not through chat or video chat. Nothing beats the real thing.

(3) You don’t know who your real friends are anymore

Everyone likes and comments on your posts on FaceBook. At first, it is a real self-esteem booster. However, in the long run, you won’t be able to see who really truly appreciates your achievements in life. It is still better when the people really close to you are the ones you share intimate events in your life with.

(2) Lack of your own image control

For example, there are many spams on FaceBook that lets your account send porn related links to the rest of your friends. This is something you can explain but cannot undo. Thus, they will forever think of you as the person who checked out a porn link on FaceBook which sent them spam.

(1)    Some serious conversations over FaceBook could ruin your life

There are many instances when this happens. One famous example is when people break up over FaceBook. Some even go through very heavy confessions online such as finding out someone died because of condolences posted on their wall.


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