Top 10 Reason to Make an Account in Facebook

Facebook is like a revolution in the world of online social networking site.  It has made the world a small place for knowing people of different place with different culture, style, language etc. And keep updated about what is happening in their life. It actually helps in connecting with the old friends and relatives with whom you not in connection for years irrespective of wherever they are living. Previously it was famous with the youngster but now every age group people use this technology to compete with the fast forward world. In today’s world the importance of having an account on Facebook can be explained by the help of these reasons these top, as follows

10. Connecting with the World

With an account on Facebook you can connect with the people of different region of the world and make friendship with them. You can know about what is happening in their life and keep yourself updated.

9. Finding old Friend

You can find your old friends with the help of your account tin Facebook as it is not a private site. It displays the general information about the people with name who has accounts on this site from all around the world.

7. Share Pictures and Videos

You can share your pictures and videos with the world which you want the people to know. You can also share informative or funny pictures, statements with your friends and commenting on them.You can also upload your photo album of the places you have been and want others to know about it. They can also send virtual gifts to their friends.

6. Facebook Applications

Now a day’s Facebook is like an addiction. It has so many applications like gaming which is in the top list among the Facebook users

5. Instant Messaging

Through Facebook, you can send instant message to your friends and family. He can easily adjust some of the features like whom you want to send their messages and from whom you want to receive the message.

4. Know about the Person

It is one of the best sources to know the person. As it contains information like how do the person comments on different topics, how is his friend, what does he thinks, what are his hobbies, what are the areas of his interest etc.

Account in Facebook

3. Voice call

The Facebook offers the opportunity to talk to your friends and relative anywhere through voice call. You can do live voice chat to any person anywhere in the world. You can also leave your voice messages on Facebook. And all these features are for free.

2. Video call

With the advancement of technology Facebook has also become advanced and offers to have one to one live video calls. The video call is done by using Skype.

1. News feed

The homepage of Facebook contains the news of the user like profile change, Birthdays of their friends and relative and other happening events so that  he will not miss any of those events.


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