Top 10 Methods to Hack Facebook Accounts

Facebook is the best social networking website with 750 million users and this is the main reason why Facebook accounts are hacked. Plenty of techniques went outdated or repaired up by Facebook. There are several new techniques presented in order to hack Facebook accounts.

10. Botnets

The botnets are not commonly used for coughing the Facebook, due to high installation costs and it is used to bring innovative strikes. The botnets are a selection of affected personal computer and this process is similar to keylogging. But, the botnets carries out the attacks with compromised computer.

Top 10 ways to Hack Facebook Accounts

9. Man In the Middle Attacks

When the attacker and victim are on the same LAN or on the switch based network, then the hackers could place himself between the server and client. The hacker acts like a default gateway in capturing the traffic. The other name for this attack is ARP Poisoning.

8. USB Hacking

When the attacker has access to your personal computer, then he could insert a USB programmed in order to extract the saved passwords in your browser automatically.

7. DNS Spoofing

When the attacker and victim are on the same network, then the attacker can make use of DNS spoofing and change their original Facebook page to fake page. Therefore, they get access to the Facebook account of the victims.

6. Mobile phone hacking

Today, millions of Facebook users use their mobile phone in order to access their Facebook account. The hacker could gain access to the mobile phone of the victims and then gain access to their Facebook account. Several mobile spying softwares can be used in order to monitor the cell phone.

5. Sidejacking with Firesheep

The most famous method to hack a Facebook account is Sidejacking attack. The Firesheep is mainly used to carry out the sidejacking attacks. This works well when the victim and the attacker is on the same network. The sidejacking attack is another name for the session hijacking and it is mostly targeted towards the wifi users.

Top 10 Methods to Hack Facebook Accounts

4. Session Hijacking

It could be dangerous when you are accessing the Facebook accounts on http:// connection. The hackers steal the browser cookie of the victim that is used to verify the users on the website. The hackers use this technique in order to access the account of the victims and it is generally used on the LANs.

3. Stealers

Around eighty percent of people make use of stored passwords in the browsers in order to access their Facebook. It could be quite convenient and sometimes dangerous. The Stealers are the software mainly designed for capturing the saved passwords which stored in the browser of the victims.

2. Keylogging

The Keylogging can be the best and easy method to hack the Facebook accounts. It is a small program that once installed on the computer of victims will record the details which the victim types on their computer. These logs will be sent back to the hacker by FTP or email address.

1. Facebook Phishing

This is the most famous method used to hack Facebook accounts. Numerous methods are available to carry the phishing attack. In this method, the hackers will create a fake login page that looks similar to the real Facebook page. When the victim login via the fake page, then the password and email address will be stored in a text file. Later, the hacker will download the text file and view the password.

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