10 Ways to get More Likes for your Facebook Posts

Facebook Users!! This post is something you would definitely like a lot. We all are so much into Facebook now a days. A lot of Facebook users eat with Facebook, sleep and wake with Facebook, few even breathe each breath with Facebook. Facebook is the world’s #2 website in terms of ranking of the websites. It has more than 425 million active users at present, a lot of whom are all the time in sync with the Facebook world. Facebook is probably world’s best way to share what is happening around you or as they say : “What is on your mind”. Status updates is what I mean to imply here. Facebook lets you update, post any text, photograph, video or say any document or file you want to share with an individual, a group or simply a page, or even you can share it on your own wall keeping all your friends up to date with what is happening around.

Along with posts there is one thing we are quite possessive about. LIKES! This is something we all crave for in one way or the other. For few, getting more likes seems like winning a battle, while few take it likely. Few peoples’ posts have genuine likes while few ask their friends for them. Here we are with 10 amazing ways to get more Likes for your Facebook posts :

10. Advertise on Facebook

OK, this might not be the way you would like the most but it is a way to promote your post to a good extent. If you are really desperate to get huge number of likes then you can advertise it with Facebook advertising. Of course, it is going to cost you some good amount of money, but its a great way if you have bucks to spend and you are really very possessive about getting likes on your post.

9. Use different websites/blogs

It is quite factual that if you want to spread a word, then blogging is probably the best technique. Now the question is, how to increase likes using Blogs? If you are a blog owner and you have followers to your blog then your task becomes pretty easy, just post the link of your post on your blogs and ask people to visit and like the post. Moreover, if you are a non blogger

then you can put the link on various other famous blogs in the form of comments and increase your like count.

8. e-mail the link

This is another way to publicize your post. You can send the link to your friends via e-mail so that the person on the other end could visit it and hit a Like on your post. This is a good way but the drawback is that you have to be trusted such that the other person may bother to open your email and the link and not consider it as a spam.

7. Keep it up top the news feeds

Here is something a lot of us are not quite aware or say sure of. You can view our posts on the top queue of the news feeds by keeping your posts Live. This means that if you post has people liking your post and commenting on it, then it appears on the top of your friends’ and friends of friends’ News feeds. This lets more people view your posts and likes keep increasing.

6. Make your posts public

There might be a lot of people who are not in your friend list but might have subscribed to your public posts. So to get a lot of likes on your Facebook post what you can do is you can make your post Public. By doing this the people subscribed to your updates get to see your post and there is a chance they might like it as well, a second is what is takes isn’t it?

5. Link your post through friends’ Timeline

Everyone looks through his/her timeline once they get the notification that you have posted something on their timeline. This is a good way to get likes for your post. All you have to do is just copy and paste the link to your post on the timeline of an individual friend or say a non-friend whose privacy settings allow you to post on their timeline.

4. Use the comment box to publicize your post

We come across a lot of posts, status updates, photos, videos etc in our day to day fb lives. Well, here is a good way to get likes on your post. It is by using the comment box of various posts we come across. What you can do is you can put up the link to your Facebook status as a comment on various posts, pics, etc and this way the other commentators will get to see that you have a post and you need likes. Few interested people might like your status and Bingo! Your job is done.

3. Invite to like via private messages

What if your friends have not seen your post and have missed your post in their News Feeds? You have missed a Like! So, what can be done is you can message your friends individually or as a group message to visit and like your post via the link you provide them and hope that they give time to like your post.

2. Share your post on pages and groups

To get more and more likes one can share his/her post on various Pages and Groups on Facebook. Hope we all are clear about what Pages and Groups are. So, if you want to post links on various pages, you must keep in mind that the page has a lot of users and you are added to lots of Groups and have liked the page.

1. Tag maximum Friends

Well, this is a great way to tell your friends that you have posted something on Facebook. Its very simple to tag people on your posts provided they are in your friend list. There are two ways  : First, put an ‘@’ symbol and type the name, you will notice a drop down list containing the name you were typing. Second, there is a tag friends icon on the status update column you can click there and start tagging friends.


There is one very common issue while publicizing the posts. There are a lot of people who don’t know where to find the exact link of their post on FB. For this, let us say you have it posted on your timeline. Then, you have to click on the time stamp visible under the post that takes you to your post and from the address bar you can find the exact URL of your post. For those who did not get the idea of what a time stamp is, here is a pic :

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