Top 10 Reasons Why Halloween is Fun

Halloween is one of the most celebrated occasions annually. What accounts to this probably is the fact that people all over the world are indeed preparing for this once a year celebration. Our ways of celebrating Halloween varies but certainly everybody gets the chance to be delighted.

Top 10 Reasons Why Halloween is Fun

Cool Halloween Costumes

Some says that Halloween is also the time for Kids. A time when children around the world get very much excited to wear the coolest Halloween costumes they could ever wear to start their customary Trick-or-Treat. Wearing cool and scary Halloween Costumes contributes to the amusement felt by kids. Plus, this is a great time for parents to bond with their children.

Halloween Parties

Parties are made so that people could enjoy and have fun. That’s the reason why Halloween parties’ feature costumes; foods, drinks, music, games and many more that lets people express their creativity. Adults and children get to dressed – up and do extreme, out of this world make – up to achieve a look that would scare everybody out.

Trick or Treat

When children are wearing their Halloween costumes, they go from one house to another to do Trick or Treating. Children get candies, lots of them actually. They put it usually on a Halloween bag, collect them and enjoy the treat afterwards.

Ghosts Stories

What would Halloween be without frightening ghost stories? It would be Boring! One perfect time of the year to tell Ghost Stories is during Halloween. People are sharing their goosed bump and petrifying haunted stories to add spice in the essence of their celebration.

Delicious Food

One thing that sets Halloween apart from the other celebration is its unique Halloween food treats. Among famous Halloween food treats are candies made from pumpkins, corns and apples that one can enjoy.

Fun Games and Activities

Halloween games and activities are fun and exciting because it is not simply dancing or playing along with other people. It involves tickling the imagination of the participants. Usually, Halloween party coordinators set up treasure haunt game in a creepy-maze.


Halloween also gives time for the people to reflect on how they live their lives. This is a time when they can appreciate their life and also a time for praying for the souls of their departed family members.

Haunted and Scary Fascinations

Haunted and scary attractions are designed to engage people during Halloween season. Theme parks are a sure smash throughout this celebration because they are being decorated in a frightening way. Haunted houses are also one of the center attractions of the holiday.

Religious Practices

People around the globe are visiting cemeteries and graveyards to offer prayers for their loved ones. Our practices, customs and traditions may differ from one culture to another but one thing is for sure, during Halloween Season, we come together to reminisce the memories we shared with our late loved ones.

Famous Halloween Symbols and Characters

Amongst the famous Halloween symbols are pumpkins, lanterns and turnip. These symbols usually are decorations in houses and parks. Halloween Characters can also be noted like Frankenstein, Witches, Devils, Scarecrows, Dracula and Mummy they give extra flavor in the celebration of Halloween.

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