Top 10 Cheapest Countries to live in the World 2012

Travelling around the world is one of the most enjoying and thrilling experiences of one”s life. But while travelling one also has to take his pocket into consideration.These days things are becoming quite costly making it difficult for people to travel everywhere in the world. People travel for recreation ,pleasure, researching and knowing about different places in the world. So here are some countries that can be travelled with low cost packages and can be really very exciting and rejoicing.

10. Croatia

If you visit Croatia you”ll get an illusion that you are in a really very expensive place.Unlike Europe,you can enjoy a lot here without worrying about your budget.There are numerous hostels and inexpensive restaurants and bars here so if you are deciding for backpacking Croatia then you are ready for it. Adriatic Sea of Croatia has thousands of islands. The country is famous for its artistic,cultural and scientific contributions to the world.

9. Peru

Peru is really a rejuvenating place to visit.It should be considered if you are thinking to plan an inexpensive trip.There are a considerable number of beaches,ruins and rain-forests.Its capital,Lima is a great place to start your trip. Even if you love adventure it is the right place for you. Even you don”t really need  a plan for it ,just a little bit of Spanish and a map for it and you are ready. The main business of the people here is fishing,mining and manufacturing of products such as textiles. Tourists will find here Peruvian culture that is rooted in Spanish traditions. It has a mix of its cultural traditions in art,music,literature and cuisine.


Bali,the pride of Indonesia is a great place for fun and visiting beautiful temples.The tourists love to visit the place because of the caves,vast beaches,volcanoes and tropical jungles here. Tourists love to watch the culture of the country and the Balinese Dance with a relishing dinner. It online casino is a great place for surfing and diving, many archaeological and historical attractions with a number of great accommodations. This place has also won many awards as a wonderful place to travel.

7. Morocco

Morocco is a country situated in North Africa.  is a holidaying place where you are as comfortable as you are Best UK Casinos in your home.You don”t have water and electricity everywhere but still most of the hotels have arrangements for it. The main source of tourist attraction of the place is mainly about  its culture and the incredible sites it has with keeping an eye on your pocket. Here you find the Roman ruins and the beautiful valleys for the visitors to bring them back into this country. The country is well-known for its openness towards the Modern World and Islamic freedom.

6. Greece

Greece is a tourists place with the oldest cultures in the world.Tourists get attracted by the authentic food,ancient ruins,glamour and entertairnment in the cities like Athens.The perfect time to visit it is summers.Even in that season every shop is opened for the tourists.You can have a fantastic time exploring Greece because of its ancient ruins and beaches on the amazing lands.

5. Mexico

Mexico is situated in the south of North America. It is the 14th largest country in the world. It has a wonderful ecosystem and an exotic flora and fauna. Mexico is a fabulous and a cheap place to backpack through.You should plan to visit the Mayan Ruins of Tulum in the Mexico City.You should see the volcano in Toluca,capital of the country.And also don”t forget to white water rafting in Veracruz.

4. Sri Lanka

Colombo,Sri Lanka”s commercial capital is the most famous city to visit here.But its actual capital is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte.Even that is worth seeing.The Galle Face Green Promenade and the Buddha statues in Colombo are mindblowing.Even the people here are very kind and helpful.

3. Portugal

Portugal consists the Mediterranean flavor like that of Spain and Italy but considering your pocket.Food and hotels along with travel is inexpensive here.Major cities in it are connected with the train lines. Taxi fares are less in Lisbon as compared to Paris and London.It consists of number of amazing beaches.

2. Brazil

Brazil”s main source of attraction is Rio de Janeiro and many more things for the tourists to visit here that one may not even have imagined.Going to Porto Alegre and visiting Aparados da Serra National Park is a great experience. Moving around is easier there by the regional buses.And how can you forget the thrilling Amazon jungle.

1. India

Travelling India is the most easy and inexpensive thing.The travel,accomodations and the food is very cheap as compared to the different countries.Even its cheap but India is full of its history which attracts tourists.The old monuments,temples,forts attract the tourists to visit India.These are incredible sites to be visited.


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