Top 10 Safety Tips for Driving in Snow

10. Slow Down


The best tip for driving in snow is to drive slowly. Acceleration and braking should be as gentle as possible. Travelling in snowfall also decreases the visibility. Always slow down using the brakes to warn the vehicle behind you to avoid accidents. Speeding can increase the risk of skidding.

9. Maintain the Tires for Grip


Tires are the only means of contact with the roads. Make sure you check the tires for the right tire pressure before travelling in the snow or ice. Maintaining the tires is very important to get a good grip on the roads while driving in the snow.

8. Keep Suitable Distance


Always keep safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you while driving in the snow. Be very careful while applying brakes, and apply brakes a few seconds earlier. The lack of visibility may give a fake picture of the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

7. Keep the Mirrors Clean


Use a screen paper or ice melting products to clear out all the ice from the mirrors. Keeping your mirrors clean will increase the visibility and help you drive with ease. Also, deice the windows and mirrors from inside the car. Replace the wiper of your car whenever required.

6. Make Use of Lights


Make sure your headlights and taillights are in a good working condition. Replace them whenever required. Always keep the lights clean. Use the headlights in snow so that other drivers can spot you easily. Taillights help the drivers behind you to judge your movements.

5. Beware of Black Ice


Black ice is the most difficult conditions to drive on. It is transparent and hardly visible. Remember, if the roads seem shiny and smooth then it can be black ice. Be very careful while driving on black ice as it can very slippery and dangerous.

4. Turn your Wheels Straight into the Skid


When you feel you are skidding and unable to control, just turn your wheels straight in the front, release the brake and accelerate gently. This will help you get back the control on your car and save you from skidding. It may sound strange but it works.

3. Be Prepared


Always carry the necessary supplies in your car while driving in snow or ice. This includes flashlight, blanket, shovel, boots, spare fuel, deicing products, first aid kit, food and water. This will help you in case of any unwanted incidents.

2. Stay Updated


Make a habit to check the weather conditions before leaving your house. You can get yourself updated with the help of the internet. You can find many useful websites that provide you updates on current weather and ways to deal with it.

1. Stay at Home


The best thing you can do to avoid unwanted incidents while driving in the snow is to stay at home. Pay attention to the weather alerts and advices regarding staying at home and act accordingly. This helps the emergency services to handle the disasters easily.


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