Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Europe During the Fall

Who says traveling during the summer is the best time? Most people typically travel between July and September. But traveling during the low season has its many benefits.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Europe During the Fall

1.       Tourists are Fewer

The first great thing about traveling in the fall to the top tourist destinations in Europe is the lack of or the absence of crowds in these destinations. As a result, it’s easier to strike up conversations with other laid back tourists, share experiences and take better photos.

2.       Prices Are Generally Lower

Lower prices are usually common when you travel in the off season. Most airlines, hotels, tour operators, shops and resorts offer deep discounts in order to encourage people to travel  during the fall. Some hotels are often willing to give you accommodation for half price. If you’re the shopping type, you can get many items at cheaper rates during clearance sales. And you can get some great really low price last minute bargains too.

3.       Pictures are Better

Because the fall is generally beautiful, you can take some amazing pictures of your location. If you’re a photographer or a camera enthusiast, the fall is a great time to catch the fleeting beauty of some locations. For instance, parts of Japan are spectacular in the autumn and less so during the other seasons.

4.       Excellent for Bird Watching

If you like bird watching activities, the fall is a great time to spot many birds. this is not surprising considering that birds migrate during the fall and before the winter to warmer climes. Remember to take some pictures too.

5.       Abundance of festivals

Many destinations celebrate the autumn and have festivals during this period. France for instance is popular for some of its festivals during the fall. Popular festivals that you can attend include the Lyons Film Festival, Jazz between the Two towers in La Rochelle and the Amiens Rederie.

6.       Resorts and Beaches are all But Empty

The fall provides an excellent opportunity for all travellers to have popular white sand and golden brown resorts and beaches all to themselves. So, if you have been thinking of going to one of those fancy beaches or resorts in Europe and want to do so affordably, now is a great time to do that.

7.       Lack of Queues

During the summer, the queues can be crazy and long. Want to have a vacation where you literally don’t have to queue for anything? Plan your vacation for the fall. The queues in even the most popular resorts, museums, and cathedrals are usually minimal. It’s perfect for taking your time to expore sites of interest.

8.       The Locals are Much Nicer

During the summer, the locals can be quite stressed, so you’re less likely to find people who are open to sharing their insights with you. However, during the fall, hotel staffs, guides, taxi drivers, and shop owners are nicer and less stressed. As a result, they attend to tourists better, give you proper directions and take their time to make you feel welcome

9.       Live More like a Local

The fall provides ample opportunity for you to experience the destination like the locals. In fact, the locals and tour guides will be more willing to share hidden gems and local insights with you because they aren’t as stressed as they during the summer

10.   The Meals are Nicer

You will also find that the meals are nicer. Not necessarily because they used other seasonings, but because you get to eat in less crowded restaurants, enjoy the food better and experience personal and fantastic services.

These are the top 10 reasons you should travel to Europe this fall. Got any extra suggestions? Let us know in the comments.


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