Top 10 Must Visit Places in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the top most beautiful places which one can prefer for spending there holidays. Sri Lanka is one of the tourist destinations because it has some best qualities which a person can prefer, firstly it is authentic destination, secondly it is one of the smallest island of around 65,610 sqkm, so people can cover whole country within few days, and thirdly it has unique diversity which can attract the soul of any person. Completely it is one of the place where you could calm and rejoice yourself with a complete entertaining mood. If you go in Sri Lanka you could find beaches, wildlife, festival, adventure, scenic beauty, heritage, mind and body fitness as it has several types of herbs which is famous here. There are total of around 8 to 10 world heritage sites in Sri Lanka. So now let me take you to a tour of Sri Lanka’s top 10 places to visit:


1) Anuradhapuram

It is a major city of Sri lanka, it is the capital of Sri Lanka and is an ancient city as it is famous from around 4 BC, it was known for its stability and durability. This city has some of the complex irrigation system of the ancient world. Some of the greatest place to visit in Anuradhapuram are: Lovamahapaya, Sri Maha Bodhiya, Abhayagiri Dagaba, Thuparamaya, Queen’s palace and several others. This city also contain the sacred BO-Tree which is said that it is back from the 245 BC. There are several large lakes which were constructed for irrigation. This city became much popular due to its ritual centre but even administrative centre. Srilanka strongly supports Buddhism so u can find several other temples here.


2) Dehiwala- Mount Lavinia

It is the largest suburb of western province of Colombo. This place is famous for the beach resort in mount Lavania. It is named as the golden mile of beaches. It is also famous for the laid back nightlife and beach party. It has natural surroundings. It also has a historical site known as the governor’s house. It has some popular religious places such as Vishnu Kovil and rajamaha Viharaya.


3) Kitulgala

It is a small town in west of Sri Lanka. It is a small and silent village with its scenic beauty. It is basically a rain forest and have two monsoons every year. It has beautiful scenery. It is most famous for its river rafting. The most attractive part of this place is the Kelani River. It has beautiful scenery. You can in the best food of Sri Lanka here i.e. rice and curry in every part of this place. Several films have been taped here for its perfect background.


4) Colombo











Colombo is the largest city of the Sri Lanka. It is located on the west coast of the island. Colombo is one of the busy and vibrant cities, with modern life and culture. It is refer as the model city of Asia. It has the two world trade centre towers, Colombo most beautiful festival celebration is birth of Buddha. There are latent compaction and the entire city is decorated with lanterns. The national museum is one of the collections in Sri Lanka. Some places to visit in Sri Lanka are Murugan Hindu temple, Colombo fort, Beira Lake, Gallery Island. It is also famous for the national museum, the old Colombo light house. One of the most important landmarks of this city is the independence hall.


5) Yale national park










It is the most popular and visited national park in Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka It is the second largest national park. It is situated in the southern region of the province. It has a variety of ecosystem. Here you can see a big variety of wild animals, several species of birds are particularly found in Sri Lanka, and it attracts most people by the beers, elephants and leopards. This park is also the centre of civilisation, the king ravana established this park. The coastal side of this park is one of the most attractive places where you can find several endangered species such as turtles.


6) Dambulla










It is a big town in the centre of Sri Lanka. The most attractive area of this place is the cave temple. This is named as the golden temple of dambulla and is one of the most heritage sites in Sri Lanka. It is divided in five different parts, each with its own beauty and adventure. This cave include several statues and painting which are based on Lord Buddha. There are around 173 statues of Lord Buddha in this cave.


7) Yapahuwa









It was once the capital of Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by several huge rocks almost hundreds of meter above the land. This city has served a great history in Sri Lanka. It has several fortresses. The most attractive places in this area are the yapahuwa staircase. It is in the rock fortress complex of yapahuwa, the next is the yapawwa rajamaha temple, and the famous tooth relic temple.


8) Kandy










It is one of the most pronounced cities in Sri Lanka after Colombo. This city lies in the midst of the beautiful Kandy plates. Some places to visit here in Kandy are the royal botanical garden, the tooth temple, Lankatilka temple, this temple is considered as one of the most traditional built up. Next is the Gadaladeniya temple, it is built on rock. It is a perfect example of fine arched design. Several paintings of Lord Buddha are carved on the rocks. The royal palace in the island is also one of the attractive places here.


9) Nuwara ilaya









This city is called the city of the plain land. This city is famous for its tea production. The main attractions of this city are the Victoria Park. Victoria Park is an attractive place with lots of wildlife. It is mostly attracted by the bird species present here.

The next is the grave stone. One of the major reasons for tourism here is the golf, several golf tournaments are organised here. And the bird sanctuary named as Galway land.


10) Negombo










This is a major city of Sri lanka, located on the west coast. This city is famous for its fishing and fish market, and the sandy beaches. The Dutch fort created in 1672, this fort is one of the best places to visit. Several churches and ditches houses are here which can be visited. This place is ideal for modern lifestyle.


Sri Lanka is also famous for its traditional aurvedic hospitals and spas, several meditation centres are there in every part of the country including the yoga training. It is also famous for its sports and adventure like river rafting, rock climbing, surfing etc. Sri Lanka is named as the best valued destination for holidays. Several top class hotels, resorts and restaurants are made throughout the country for serving the people perfectly.


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