Top 10 Must Visit Famous Temples in India

Temples:  the word itself takes us to the other world full of calmness and peace. The picture that comes to our mind after hearing this word is of God and Goddess, bells..When we enter the temple, we get free from the burden of worries and problems. We feel relief and relaxed. India is a place of beautiful and sacred temples and the world famous temple is Golden Temple of Amritsar which is a holy place of Sikh religion. People from India and foreign countries visit these temples to unburden themselves and seek blessings of god.

South Asian region has some temples with great significance specially Temples in  Nepal and in India have been around for thousands of years. Devotees visit temples with their prayers and wishes and to get rid of sorrows. And if you wish the same than there is no better place than INDIA.

10. Khajuraho Temple/Monuments, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is one of the India’s best temple showing the indian architecture. This temple actually comprises of many temples with common features. These temples are either made up of granite or sandstone and the inner and outer walls are covered with attractive carvings. Walls are covered with sex positions figures which set this temple apart. These temples are located at central state of madhya pradesh in india. After visiting these temples one can also roam at khajuraho village where they can visit many other temples too.

9. Kedarnath Temple, Kedarnath

It is one of the most holiest temples of hindu dedicated to lord shiva. It is located at the top of himalaya range near the mandakini river in kedarnath,uttrakhand. Here lord shiva is worshipped as Kedar nath. Due to extreme weather conditions the temple is opened only between april till autumn full moon. During winter season that for six months the murtis are brought to ukhimath and worshipped there. One has to reach there by 14km uphill trek grom gaurikund. It is also one of the major site of chota char dham.

8. Vaishno Devi Temple, Katra

It is one of the holy temples of hindu dedicated to shakti. It is located in the hills of vaishno devi,jammu and kashmir. It is also known as mata rani. It is located at katra and the distance from katra to vaishno devi is 14kms. Devotees come here in a large strength approx 8 million yatris visit the temple every year and the second most visited shrine in india. The way to bhavan is steep and one has to make a long walk uphill. Ponies,autos and helicopter service is also available.

7. Baba Amarnath, Amarnath

It is one of the most popular temples of lord shiva. The ‘lingam’ made of ice is the main attraction of devotees which is built in a particular time span. Devotees from all over the world come here every year for the attractive journey towards temple. Amarnath yatra has a very religious belief and myth says this is the place where lord shiva reported the secrecy of immortality. Distance from pahalgham to amarnath cave is 46km and the whole journey is adventurous,beutiful and dangerous too.

6. Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai

It is located at the Maharashtra off the Pune-Solapur highway. This mandir is also knows as Ganpati in India. The word ‘siddhivinayak’ means to god where every pray comes true. Maharashtrians mainly worship ganesh ji and there main festival is Ganesh Chaturthi. The temple is located at the banks of bhima river in a small village called ‘siddhatek. The beuty and greenery of this temple never go unnoticed. And this is the second most visited temples of ashta vinayak.

5. Tirumala Venkateswara Tirupati Balaji, Tirupati

It is located at Andhra Pradesh, and counted as one of the Most Sacred Places of India. It one of the richest temple of india and is always in news for the expensive gifts and donations to lord by devotees. This temple is also famous for its big laddoo which every devotee gets. One has to wait to long in a queue for darshan. This temple is dedicated to lord venkataswara,symbolizes destruction and preservation. The auditorium on the main shrine is called vimana and three enclosures are called prakarma’s.

4. Lord Jagganath Puri Temple, Puri

It is the largest temple in Orissa. It is one of the major dham in char dham tour. The famous rath yatra of lord jagganath draws attention of million people every year. The temple is dedicated to lord krishna, subhadra and balabhadra. Non-hindus are not allowed to enter this temple. They can only see the temple from outside. Jagganath puri is one of the most visited temple by devotees and followers of lord krishna.

3. Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi

This temple is located at Varanasi. Kashi Vishwanath temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is situated at the bank of river Ganga. It has a very long history and Varanasi claims to be oldest city with documented history. it has a 15.5 meters tall gold plated shire. It is also knows as the Golden Temple of Amritsar. And it is destroyed and rebuilt many times. This temple is one of the most revered jyotirlingas and has a higher religiou belief among hindus.

2. Somnath Temple, Gujarat

Somnath temple is situated at Gujrat. It is dedicated to lord Shiva and is one of the oldest temples in India. Muslims and terroists have tried harder to destroy it. History says that Lord Moon created a temple of gold in honour of Lord Shiva. Than Ravana created it in silver. Than Lord Krishna created it in wood and other kings turned it into stone. This jyotirlinga is a must visit temple and have higher belief in hindus.

1. Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple is situated at Amritar,Punjab. It is considered as the holiest place of Sikh religion. Daily thousands of devotees come here to worship. Devotees get peace enetring the Golden Temple. It has four ornamented gates which leads to the holy book of Sikh religion. It has Amrit Sarovar where devotees take bath and get rid of there pysical problems and sorrows. People from India and other countries specailly come to Amritsar to visit Golden Temple. Devotees never go without having langar of Golden Temple and also make there contribution doing sewa in langar.


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