Top 10 Most Wanted Places During Turkey Holidays

Top 10 Most Wanted Places during Turkey HolidaysPlanning for an unforgettable get away is not an easy task especially if you want to avail of the cheapest deals yet enjoy and make the most of your holiday. If you are a savvy traveler, you should know that the best get away would be visiting historical places, world class shopping malls and bazaars or having a blast in a seaside resort. The perfect place that will provide you this kind of get away is to visit Turkey. Back in 2011 Turkey was considered as the 6th most popular and hottest tourist place to visit in the world. For instance, visiting Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul will bring you back to Byzantine and Ottoman era because of its mosque and other prominent historical places. When it comes to seaside resorts, nothing could top resorts along the Mediterranean and  Aegean coasts! I know you’re now interested to know the top 10 most wanted places during Turkey holidays so let me take you for a trip and show you the rest of Turkey.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque – The Enchanting Blue Mosque

If you feel like spending your holiday visiting enchanting places, one of the highly commendable places to visit would be the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or popularly known as the Blue Mosque. This mosque is quite historic which was built way back in 1609. Its blue adorning tiles all over its walls and 20,000 ceramic tiles which were carefully handmade will really amaze you hence this mosque is considered as one of the most wanted places to visit during Turkey holidays.

Hagia Sophia – The Holy Wisdom Museum of Istanbul

Right after visiting the Blue Mosque, it is also a great idea to stop by the Hagia Sophia which is a popular mosque turned museum in Istanbul. This museum has a gigantic dome and its architecture is breath taking that it is said to change the history of architecture. Here you will find the combination of marbles and mosaics which gives you a maximum taste of artistry. This kind of museum is one of a kind which made this one of the most wanted places to visit especially if you want to make your holiday a memorable one.

Galata Tower – A Striking Landmark!

Who wouldn’t want to visit the most striking landmark of Istanbul? So if you’re planning for your Turkey holidays make sure to visit the striking landmark of Istanbul, the Galata Tower. This is a 9 story tower which houses a restaurant, a cafe and a night club while it provides you with the best view of Istanbul. Your holiday get away will not be complete if you have not visited this striking tower.

Masmaris – The Classy Town in Southwest Turkey

The classy get away which you will never forget is when you visit the classy town of Masmaris. This place is considered to be the port of most cruise ships and yachts. Here you will enjoy affordable yet great restaurants, shops, coves, magnificent bays, and peninsula where you can plan for a day trip together with your family and friends. When night falls you will experience superb night life and some beers to get in the mood. Indeed, Masmaris is one of the most wanted places to visit when you want to have unforgettable holidays in Turkey.

Altinkum – The Golden Sand Beach

Found right in the Aegean coast, this beach lives up to its name for having three long golden sand beaches all tourists will surely love. So if you want to have the best time of your life, visiting this small resort will make your life larger than you think because when night time falls, you’ll see scattered bars surrounding the resort. During day time you can attain a relaxing moment for it transforms into a quiet and peaceful place to bathe in the sun.

Spice Bazaar – One of the Largest Bazaars in Istanbul

When you say holiday it also means a time to stroll around and that includes not just historic places and seaside resorts but also shopping bazaars that will satisfy your splurges! The Spice Bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in the city of Istanbul which is an L-shaped building with a total of 88 vaulted rooms. You will find a lot of things here and some of which are spices and dried fruits. If you are into fashion then the bazaar houses a lot of shops to suit your needs. This is why when spending holidays in Turkey you must not miss to visit the Spice Bazaar.

Cevahir Shopping Mall – The Largest Mall in Europe

Aside from bazaars, a world class shopping mall is also one of the most wanted places to visit during Turkey Holidays. This shopping mall houses 12 cinemas which includes a private theatre and a children’s theatre. If you feel like having a blast of entertainment then visit this world class shopping mall to get the most out of your holiday. If you want to experience extreme fun, then a roller coaster can also be found to satisfy your hunger for adventure. So you see, your holiday is spent well even by just visiting Turkey’s largest shopping mall.

Antalya – Turkey’s Biggest Sea Resort Ever!

Your Turkey holidays wouldn’t be complete without spending some time in a seaside resort. When it comes to resort, there’s no other place to visit but Antalya. If you haven’t been to Turkey, let me tell you that Antalya is a city located right in the Mediterranean coast and was ranked as the 4th most visited city in the world. In this city you will find its famous attraction the Düden Waterfalls. This is a must see water attraction that is surrounded by a park and you can also take a boat trip to see the beauty of the place.

Ölüdeniz – The Hypnotic Blue Lagoon

If you’re not a fan of waterfalls, then perhaps the Ölüdeniz will make your trip a satisfying one. This is a beach resort that you should visit and enjoy the long stretch of its sandy bay. This is also the most photographed beach in the Mediterranean which is popularly called as the Blue Lagoon. I’m sure you’ll love visiting a top notch beach which is usually ranked as one of the top 5 beaches that should be visited around the globe. Imagine its aquamarine or turquoise sea water color, isn’t it worth visiting? So don’t think twice if you plan to visit Turkey on a holiday.

İztuzu Beach – The Turtle Beach

From seaside resorts to beach resorts now we check out the most intriguing beach in Turkey, the İztuzu Beach. Because this beach houses one of the worlds endangered turtle species the loggerhead sea turtles hence earning its name the Turtle Beach. Imagine spending your time in one of the most talked about beaches on earth and at the same time get a chance to see a loggerhead sea turtle, I’m sure you will agree with me if I say this will be one of your most awesome vacations.

Plan your Trip Now and Discover What Turkey Could Bring in the Table!

Holidays can be spent in any way you wish. You can even spend it just in your home town and still have a blast. However, if you have the needed cash then why not spend it somewhere that could bring you unforgettable memories to ponder when you grow old, right? So what are you waiting for, plan your trip now and ready yourself to experience the best time of your life during your Turkey Holidays!

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