Top 10 Best Hotels in Kerala

Whenever a thought of leisure comes in our mind we think of holidays to spend our time away from this stressful world and feel free. At that time comes the thought of getting in a hotel where you would be relieved form every responsibility and be something that you had only imagined. So I bring you the list of some places where you can turn these kinds of imaginations true. Especially when you choose your destination as Kerala it is very much difficult to decide a hotel, instead you would wish to spend some days in each and every hotel around Kerala because of the features they have. I will not say that one of that this hotel is better and this is not but I can do for you is list some of the best hotels where you can spend your weekend and make it a memorable part of your life.

Beaches, backwaters, hills and ayurveda are the four pillars of tourism in Kerala. Kerala provides a kaleidoscope of a diverse indian culture.there is not only a large ayurvedic potential in kerala to attract tourism but the scenic beauty and the rich eye capturing landscapes of the state are potent enough to attract people not only from india but all over the world as tourists.Kerala competes in tourism with Goa and Sri Lanka and despite our state being more expensive than these two, we still get is hard to believe that there is a place like kerela in the middle , resorts and inns in the state are full fledged to entertain the diverse tourism in the state from the various parts of the world.being in kerela is a one time adds to your experience if one enjoys the cosy and comfy hotels of the place


THIS Hotel was the first of the CGH Earth Hotels group and lies in Wilingdon Island between Fort cochin and mainland of Ernakulam. At this place you donot get an chance to miss anything which exists in the world and neither you need to compromise for anything because of any kind of unavailability because it has everything including modern delights of shopping, entertainment and restaurants and the fantasies of Kerala including its tradition as wall as its cuisine. The hotel has a swimming pools, simply designed but and highly luxirious rooms, a small museum having the art and craft work of Kerala and the rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments. It also has a big conference hall which has a capacity of about300 persons so that you can also handle you buisness side by side.         





This hotel is an authentic experience of the traditions of Kerala and its backwaters. This resort is an attempt to capture the essence of Kerala and then offer it in a unique setting. Because of the hospitality it provides to its customers the hotel was ranked as one the 25 best gateways of the world by the Conde Nast Traveller.

Near the hotel lies the Vembanad lake where you can feel the natural water and if u stay for some time you lungs would be completely filled by scent of the air which you would have never felt earlier as if the air is coming directly from heaven. Close to the hotel lies the Kumarakom Bird sanctuary where you would get a chance to see some of the rare and beautiful birds of India.

Here you get a large choice of choosing the type of room or instead a house where you want to spend your vacations from Heritage Bungalows which are small independent cottages to Heritage Mansions which are larger with the upper floor made of distinctive wodden ribs as if like the boat. One more option which you have is the Pool villas which is a combination of find privacy and peace of mind.

Fort Cochin is the seafood restaurant where aromas give you a preview of what is there to come. Seafood includes the varieties of selfish, sea and river fish, pearl spot fish, steamed cinnamon leaf mingled with the roast jaggery etc. beasides all the features it is also has a ayurvedic recreation center where you can relax much more and get know and do new exercise and yoga.




This hotel is situated on the south edge of Ernakulam which is the most urban part of Kochi and is a classic 5 star hotel with excellent facilities. It is the closest five-star hotel from international airport and minutes away from the city centre. It features a variety of dining options, and has several places for live entertainment, a whirlpool , a fitness club, a three-tiered outdoor swimming pool and an Ayurvedic spa. The outdoor swimming pool has a separate whirlpool, children’s pool and Jacuzzil. It also provides the facilities for outdoor sports facilities such as a water sports, jogging track, sunset cruises, and fishing. The Conference Centre is having 12 conference halls, including many of the indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. It tries to keep the guests occupied with those activities which they would love to do with their friends or families. You can also see and experience the largest Sunday Brunch treat in this hotel.


Bramma Hotels and resorts is a newly established company which offers different ways to experience the beauty of nature. It takes you to three destinations namely Nature zone resort In Munnar, Wayand Nature resort in Wayand and Napier house in Kochi. Collectively they offer you a complete way to experience all the features of nature. Now talking individually about the different destinations it serves :

Nature Zone Resort In Munnar

Here you find a very nice blend of nature and indeed a spectacular site as it is situated about 6000 feet above the sea level and a combination of nature’s serene beauty. After reaching here you will find a group of extremely hospitable naturalists and other staff who are always ready to cater your needs. You also get a chance to see some animals which are rare to find like the wild elephant, barking deer, wild dog, grey headed Bulbul and many more.

Napier house

It is situated at a very fine place i.e. the heart of fort Kochi and is just at walk able distance to St. Francis church and from there inwards you can see the Portuguese Museum, Dutch Cemetery and 500 year old Santa Cruz Basilica and just ahead is a beautiful beach. This area reflects the colonial influence of the Dutch which you will like very much, moreover it provides a home like environment taking your care 24/7.

Wayand Nature Resort


To experience what it is to live on a piece of island in the middle of long stretch of shining green paddy fields and forest which is a part of Muthanga Reserve forest.

Living in a hotel belonging to brama hotels would cost you from 5500 to 19000 INR.

6. RAINFOREST Athirapally

What would happen if the world was not as I see it today that is no tall buildings, no one around to harm just nature and you, a time when man had broken the Natures space what is it which make silence so amazing? This is the question which you start asking when you talk about this hotel.

The rainforest is located in the rainforest, it’s not a joke covered by the beauty of nature all around you that is the trees and love wildlife near the Sholyar forest range, to reach this hotel you need to go through the hills and winds of the ravishing rainforest. The experience of talking to nature can be gained here. You can spot the exotic animals and birds which create as sense of mesmerisiation in your heart and it’s like you feel satisfied.

It provides a high quality services to you so that you get everything you need. Being located in a place very much far from the city there is one thing which lacks in here is the internet access ad so is the credit card accessibility and being in a wildlife reserved region no alcohol is served here for the security of the customer only but to overcome all these there are surely some alternatives like you can book it from you home itself or cash.  Rest I hardly think it lacks aything which you need. As far as other facilities are concerned it provides you luxurious air conditioned rooms, swimming pools etc. it also has a well designed tree house with panoramic view of waterfall having an attached bathroom, a big and comfortable queen size bed, a safe to keep your valuable things and a mini bar. So to see the beauty of nature it is one of the best places to go.


It is a hotel which takes the title of being one of the finest seaside hotels in Kerala. After a long time there is a new buzz all around as the new things have been added to this grand hotel from renewed cottages and villas to new designed restaurant and its special cuisine. As far its architecture is concerned you will find the local flavor of the state combined with some Balinese influence in the architecture from the moment you enter the doors of the hotel. The hotel has a total of 59 hillside cottages with elephant-grass thatched rooftops spread over a hillside where you can relax in and get amazed with the view of over 10 acres that reflects Kerala culture and serene beauty.

It is located about 12 km from Thiruvananthapuram airport and about 14 km from railway station.

The state Kerala is exciting because of its ever changing nature and the restaurants at Vivanta by Taj certainly keep up.You can enjoy the imaginative dining in here because there are so many ways of how you want to have dinner in here one way is at the restaurant like all another way is having a private dinner by ordering a table in one of the two gazebos near the poolside in front of the jasmine bay which gives a feeling of having an adventurous dinner and especially during the night it is incomparable to anywhere else.


Next on the list is the oberoi motor vessel to spend the most enchanting holidays in Kerala. It takes the guests on a 3-night and 4-day journey if I say in my way in a 20 star ship which permanently gets marked in your brain as it goes through the tranquil waterways where you discover a new story of the state Kerala and its backwaters in your own way as you see all the things. Running through the differnet sceneries of nature and the local sites as the cruiser meanders through a series of picturesque canals and lakes.

It is a lixury cruiser with eight luxirious cabins where each has a king sized bedroom and large picture windows so that you can see the lake. The cabins are elegantly designed with timber flooring, provided with all modern aminities like furnitures, tv , electronic safe etc.

The upper deck houses a lounge and bar again providing a panoramic view of the backwaters. It proudly boast for it International and south Indian cuisine and at each meal whether it is dinner or lunch there is a well trained crew who works with you to create a unique menu.

As far as price is concerned for a pair of two members it is not much,

If u choose a two night stay you have to pay about 88000 INR and if you stay for 3 nights then is will be around 1,17,000 INR.


Kalari Kovilakom is a great place for getting introduced to Ayurveda, perhaps the first of its kind. There are some old stories about more than century old about a prince who came to this place to get cure for getting healed which was around 10th century, it seems all that has been recreated with the same spirit of natural well being, and giving us the a chance to start our life again with a new aim.

It is a place to feel the healing touch of pure Ayurveda. They provide you some treatments which are often combined with yoga. This is a place which makes you conscious of the potentials within, through nothing but absolute inner silence.

It is a huge building for you where you can stay like your own house and you do those things which you had never thought of in an open atmosphere spread across unending greenery but some spiritual power for you to make your soul as if it just touched the surface of earth for the first time.

They offer several therapies in a complete packages which are easy as well as very helpful for our whole life like Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy: 14,21 and 28  day, Anti-ageing, Beauty and skin treatments, Anti-stress therapies etc. Living here costs a lot from 6000 to 13000(euro).

2.THE LEELA Kovalam

It is something you just can see in movies as it is built on a cliff top or a rock face cradled in between two wide beaches giving a panoramic and mesmering view of Kovalam coastline. Becoming the Kerala’s largest resort it is spread over 44 acres of land with nice and maintained 182 rooms and suites.

As far as facilities are concerned there is nothing which is to be mentioned because you just name it and you have it from your entrance onwards you can see the shower of amenities from your complete satisfaction to complete security there is nothing to be missed.

The rooms range from 8100 to 16000 INR.


It is a five star hotel with 7 star status and facilities located in the heart of Kerals’s lush backwater country in Kollam. It is compared as to ve heaven in the state of Kerala. The hotel rooms are built on traditional Kerala architectural style with 93 higly and beautifully furnished rooms and suites including heritage villas and private villas with every kind of availabe facility.

Talking about the restaurants at Raviz Kollam exude a unique and vibrant atmosphere for whatever you are looking for like relaxed all day dining , fusion restaurant complement the different mood and taste of our guests. You get to Learn the fine art of harmonizing tastes and textures at the ultimate luxury of Raviz Kollam Cooking classes under the expert of master chefs, you can learn the delicate nuances of food presentation and world cuisines.

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