Top 10 High End Cities of Europe with Low Price Tags

Europe is said to be the richest and the wealthiest region on Earth. Travelers especially those that are from the United States find Europe expensive with steep price tags almost anywhere on anything. This may come as a surprise however Europe also houses inexpensive high end cities that tourists would love to visit and enjoy shopping with such low price labels, activities with no cost at all, and hotel rooms which are economical. Let’s not wait further and let me take you for a trip on Europe’s’ high end cities with low price tags.

Paris, France – International Capital of Style

Paris is well known for its high end fashion boutiques and visiting this place could really hurt your pocket. However, Paris right now is not as expensive as compared before and even so; people would surely visit this place regardless of its absurdly high prices. Being a savvy traveler, it is highly suggested to lodge slightly away from Paris’s main tourist attraction. By doing so you will discover cheap accommodations where fees dropped to double digits and wines are cheaper as compared to beers. When it comes to food, expect reasonable prices and main attractions are way worth visiting than other cities.

Rome, Italy – Archaeological Hub of the World

When it comes to beauty, majestic and panoramic views there’s no other place to visit than Rome. Just like Paris, the heart of this city is indeed quite expensive however you will be amazed finding a lot of affordable apartments. The inexpensive prices are probably due to competitions and travelers are taking advantage of it. In Rome you will also find group accommodations with best values. Roman architecture are impressive and tourists can have a photo without spending anything right outside the infrastructure, of course you still have the option to pay to get the most out of your visit.

Top 10 High End Cities of Europe with Low Price Tags

Milan, Italy – World’s Top Manufacturing Centre

Milan is home to Alfa Romeo which is one of the world’s renowned car manufacturers and Pirelli, the world’s 5th largest tire manufacturing company. The travelling costs in Milan is a little bit higher as compared to other cities mainly because of its accessibility. Still, you will find cheap accommodation to spend your week. Daily tourists can find $78 or less cheap yet good quality hostels.

Birmingham, England – The Home Town of Shakespeare

Birmingham is popular when it comes to British pubs and underground spots with low prices. Most tourists may not know this but travellers can stay a night in Birmingham for only less than $100. Aside from its price within your means, you get to enjoy breath taking views of its pretty canals.

Vienna, Austria – The City of Music

Vienna comes with a lot of names, aside from being the city of music, it is also considered to be the city of dreams mainly because it was the home of Sigmund Freud. Despite Vienna’s musical legacy, it also offers tourists with several museums and free parks to visit. Visiting Vienna is economical for you will find a lot of promotional tours that would sometimes include accommodation, meals and airfare.

Berlin, Germany – Home to Hundreds of Affordable Hostels

Tourism in Berlin is flourishing because aside from being the convention centre, this city houses a total of 781 hotels way back in 2010 which I’m sure has now increased. Prices of most luxurious hotels are unbelievably low priced at less than $200 and if you opt to check in on non-luxurious hotel, expect the price to be even better! Aside from affordable hotels, festivals are awesome here as well as night life.

Lisbon, Portugal – Abundant yet Inexpensive Attractions to Enjoy!

Lisbon houses abundant European spots that most day-trippers will love. Here you will find unfathomable sea views and beaches, cobblestoned streets and cathedrals with remarkable gothic looks. The best part of this place is the free admission that New York Times has confirmed every Sundays on its cultural attractions. This indeed is a low cost value location and even four stars hotels offer a night of only less than $130.

Munich, Germany – One of the Best Bargain Cities in Germany

With the exception of summer and Oktoberfest, Munich can be a good place to visit especially when you want to save a little. Hostel prices are way cheaper and finding good deals around the area is easy which is why this is one of the most well known cities for overseas travelers. You also get to enjoy the Munich beer, Helles which comes with a golden translucent color.

Prague, Czech Republic – Home to Popular Cultural Attraction

When it comes to markets, historical temples and cultural attractions, Prague never cease to amaze tourists. This place is said to be the classic city where East meets West. Although there are really accommodations that costs higher than expected, Prague is still a joy to visit plus daily travelers can really find good deals as low as $50 per day in this wonderful city.

Dublin, Ireland – One of the Richest Cities in the World

Dublin was ranked back in 2011 as the 4th richest city in the world and also the 13th most expensive in overall European Union. Travelers would expect to pay high in this kind of place however it is the exact opposite. Tourists here can find best value hotel accommodations and even paired with breakfast meal. In fact, this city offers free attractions such as the National Museum of Ireland according to New York Times website.

Bask around the High End Cities of Europe Now

There’s no need to rule out high end cities of Europe when planning to visit for not all European cities are very expensive. The top 10 cities mentioned above are some of the cities which provides reasonably priced hotels and travel tours. It is now time to travel wisely and check online for great deals that you and your family or friends can enjoy. European holiday could certainly be a dream come true as long as you know where to look for cheaper rates and know how to plan ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these high end cities while it lasts for you’ll never know when prices will shoot up again.

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