Top 10 Do’s When You’re in a Hotel

When travelling, most of us prefer to stay in a hotel to feel more relax and comfortable. To ensure that nothing goes wrong in your stay in a hotel, you need to follow some guides. So here are the top 10 things you can do to make sure your stay in a hotel is memorable.

Top 10 Do's When You're in a Hotel

Be Polite to All Hotel Staff

Being friendly and polite is one of the things you can do to ensure your hotel stay is enjoyable. If you’re able to make friends with hotel staffs, they might give you freebies or whatever special passes while you are in the hotel. Who knows, they can give you access to a certain show that will be held in the hotel. So make sure to be polite most of the time.

Follow Policy Rules

Everywhere you go you must make sure to follow the policy of the hotel. Aside from being safe, you are sure you wouldn’t be kicked out of the hotel for something stupid. So bear in mind that policy is really important and make sure you abide by it.

Keep your Room Neat if Possible

Unlike other guests, you need to make sure your hotel room is neat most of the time. Don’t just depend on house cleaning services. For all you know, the house cleaning staff will tell things behind your back to other staff. For sure you don’t want to be the laughing stock of the hotel staff right? So keep it neat!

Always Bring your Important Things

You must not forget to bring your valuable things wherever you go. If you plan on partying or going out, bring your wallet, mobile phone, and other personal ID’s and jewelleries with you. You’ll never know what may happen next. So be sure to bring your valuable things.

Guard your Luggage If you’re in the Lobby

If in case you are about to leave or has just arrived in the hotel, don’t leave your luggage’s unattended. Although you’re in the premises of the hotel and there are security guards, it’s better to save yourself from stressful situations. So be mindful of your luggage when you’re in the hotel lobby.

Have a Taste of the Food

Since you’re already in the said hotel, why not enjoy and have a taste of their food. See what they are boasting in terms of its foods. When you go back home, you have memories to share and experiences.

Enjoy the Pool if there’s Any

Enjoy the privilege of a pool if you’re in a hotel. Who knows, it is where you’ll meet the love of your life if you’re still single. Have fun drinking some cocktails in the pool side and enjoy the view. Don’t just stay in your room as you might miss a lot of things.

Try to Make Friends

Try to meet new people and make friends with them. You can introduce yourself to a fellow guest in the hotel. As long as you are safe about the kind of people you are making friends with then there’s no issue. Have fun and gain some new friends.

Make Sure to Check Out on Time

Checking out is usually at 12 noon, so be on time. Once the clock strikes 12pm, make sure all is packed and you’re on your way to the front desk or out of the hotel. It leaves them the impression that you are a good visitor.

Always Bring your Room Key

If you’re a guest in a hotel, try not to be forgetful so as not to bother other hotel staffs with your carelessness. Make sure you always have the key to your room when going out and leave it on the front desk.

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