Top 10 Countries with Most Difficult Rules for Visa Approval

Everyone longs to go abroad sometime in their life. If one wants to take a flight to some other country VISA approval is the most indispensable part of this procedure. But now a day’s VISA approval is the most laborious and painstaking task. Some countries’ norms and policies are so firm that clearing all its steps becomes burdensome. So take a look at some of the country’s norms where getting VISA is very difficult:

10. Angola:

Visiting in Angola are most of the times a time tracking and long drawn out process for visitors. It is very inflexible and uses firm steps to issue any VISA to any applicant. The applicant has to follow indomitable and hard headed step and is asked to give some medical tests and immunity related proofs. They are also required to give two invitation letters from authorized agency along with their financial documents related to bank funds. Many departments from United State accused Angola VISA process for its long lasting approval time.

9. Cuba:

Flying off to Cuba is a back breaking and challenging task in itself and if the applicant is an American it becomes almost impossible. Americans are not allowed to travel to Cuba until they have a very prominent reason for their travel like family visit, educational tour or religious pilgrimage. For getting a permanent VISA for Cuba one needs to be Canadian, Mexican or member of any country closer to it. The necessary condition for American to get VISA is that his/her passport must not be stamped by any Cuban Embassy.

8. Saudi Arabia:

Taking a flight to Saudi Arabia is a very austere one as compared to other countries as they have a very flexible policy of VISA along with fewer requirements. But the major disadvantage is different types of VISA for different purposes which make it a heavy handed process. Special visas are allotted to government groups or pious followers of pilgrimages. There is a limited visa available so everyone is not able to take the advantage. In Saudi Arabia, there are several hard and strict rules for women. She has to communicate with the official members or sponsors and she would be accompanied and guided by a male relative during her whole tour.

7. Iran:

Since Iran doesn’t have an embassy of its own, Pakistan embassies in Washington D.C. and Swiss embassy in Tehran handles the application forms. Usually requesting for an Iranian visa is a futile attempt and just a waste of time and money as the process is very tedious and cumbersome. In the initial stage of obtaining visas, the applicant must have representatives in Iran who petition in Tehran’s Ministry. This is usually the toughest part of visa approval. Even if your visa is approved there is no surety that you will not end up in Iran’s prison, being accused of various charges and hence end up their life getting detained.

6. Brazil:

Brazil visa policies change abruptly in a very short period of time and are irregular. Depending on the situations and seasons methods or policies related to VISA are manipulated by U.S Officials. High single entry fees and irregular timetable make it inconvenient and difficult entry into Brazil.  But once tourist VISA is allotted it is applicable for five years. If one spam of staying is more than three months i.e. Ninety days in Brazil then his VISA is not eligible for the five year’s criteria. The most appalling and surprising fact is that the applicant is not allowed to smile in its passport photo and this makes it tough destination for visitors.

5. Russia:

Applying for VISA in Russia is nothing but shorthand of headache. VISA process in Russia is a complex one when compared to other countries. It demands a lot like a letter written in Russian language from any reliable agency, one need to mention the places he/she had visited in the last few years, last two working places etc. The applicants are forced to give all the details and have to answer the questions regarding education, medical, military and much more. Russian Embassy rejects all the forms containing any small mistakes like he/she may have filled the form with colored pen or written in block letters. They take at least one week for processing and charges up to $100.

4. China:

China is the world second largest economy has grown its nominal GDP at a very fast rate. Being the fastest growing economy in the world it is not economic to every pocket to afford a single – entry visa at $140. It is also mandatory for the applicant applying for China’s visa to go in person to any one of the six consulates across the United States to fill and submit the forms along with fees. They permit you to send someone as your representative but that price is also added along with that fee. Chinese Embassy clearly mentioned that the applicant would not be permitted if he is suffering from any diseases like mental imbalance, AIDS or any contagious disease. Though the processing time is very less around four days only but price compensate all its positive points.

3. United States of America:

All the immigrants into the USA have to either have a non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant VISA for permanent stay. There is a big proportion of the visitors who come with non-immigrant visa who come to the country for pleasure, medical treatment or tourism. Post the 9/11 attack the country has made many changes in the visa rules for security purposes and also they wish to fingerprint all the visitors. One of the developments in the visa policy of the country states that if a person’s visa expires then he must leave the country, get his visa renewed from an embassy abroad and only then he can return back to the country.

2. United Kingdom:

United Kingdom is the sixth largest economy in the world and has so many people willing to visit the country. Hence, UK has made the visa rules to enter into the country stricter. It has made the rules stricter to control the quality of foreign students coming to study in their country and to test the authenticity of those students. Students not from the European Union should have a firm job offer of £20,000 per annum from an employer registered under the government.

1. North Korea:

North Korea like other countries does not share moderate or mediate relationship with the United States. Due to no diplomacy there is no official North Korean Embassy in United States and vice versa. So with the lack of North Korean Embassy applicants or visa specialists from America has to consult the Swedish Embassy for their visit to the nation. Generally visa is not permitted to any Americans and if essential they are escorted by guides from North Korea during their visit.



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