Top 10 Cities to Live in Britain

The UK is one of the world’s top economies. It has tons of interesting heritage, a vibrant arts scene, wonderful cuisine, good transport links, incredible countryside scenery and a concoction of urban architectural style from medieval to cutting edge modern. These ten cities have all this in abundance, making them great places to live.

10. Glasgow

One of Scotland’s biggest cities, Glasgow has lots to offer. Not only are there brilliant shops to choose from, but Glasgow boast exciting architecture, a bustling nightlife and excellent cultural events – the city was previously a European Capital of Culture and was recently recognised as the most important cultural centre in the UK outside London.

9. Brighton

Situated on the south coast, Brighton has metamorphosed itself over the last couple of decades from a sleepy seaside resort to a thriving city of culture, arts and a growing number of startup businesses. It has excellent links with London, making it a popular commuter town for those working in London who also want the best of the seaside life.

8. Belfast

Belfast has had a rocky time – it is after all home to Europe’s most bombed hotel. More recently, it has become better known, thankfully, for its blossoming arts and cultural scene. The city’s Titanic Quarter and Cathedral Quarter are great places to go a spend the evening, dining at one of the many top class restaurants. The city has no shortage of hotel accommodation for visitors. The Merchant Hotel, situated in the Cathedral Quarter, recently won the award as the UK’s best hotel. Property in Belfast is amongst the mod competitively priced in the whole UK, especially after the province’s property crash. There are many bargains to be had.

7. Edinburgh

Scotland’s capital city has much to talk about. When it comes to culture, Edinburgh is famed for the annual festival that attracts visitors from all round the world. But there is much more on offer here. The city’s architecture is beautiful and distinctive. There are many fabulous restaurants to choose from and the chopping isn’t bad either. Scotland’s property market is more stable than many in the UK, but even so, if you’re planning a move to Edinburgh you should expect to pay around £220,000 for property. If that’s unaffordable, perhaps you be more interested in renting. Flats to let in Edinburgh will set you back from £450 per calendar month.

Top 10 Cities to Live in Britain

6. Liverpool

Liverpool’s history is long, diverse and very colourful. This is the home of The Beatles, and their influence can still be seen in the city. Music thrives in this northern city, as does culture and the arts in general. The riverfront has undergone a massive regeneration, bringing new life to what was a run-down area. This is a city that offers something for everyone. Housing here is also quite affordable, making it a top option for relocation.

5. Leeds

This northern city is one of England’s unsung places to live. Architecturally, Leeds is very distinct. Locally quarried stone is widely used, connecting the architecture to the landscape around. Apart from the excellent shopping, nightlife and packed cultural calendar, the outdoor life is what attracts many to this Yorkshire gem. You can pick up a mid-sized family home in the suburbs for about £160,000.

4. Bath

Bath is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most beautiful cities. Famed for its Roman baths (hence the name), Bath is at times jaw-droppingly stunning. Beautifully designed architecture is everywhere here, much of it built using stone hewn from local landscapes. The city may be something to believe, but the surrounding countryside is also breathtaking. Any city in the UK would be envious of Bath’s meld of architecture, arts and culture, so you should expect prices to be on the upper side. Indeed, the average selling price is just over £300,000.

3. Manchester

Manchester is one of the largest conurbations in the country with some 2.6 million living in the Greater Manchester area. This city is renowned for many different reasons, football being just one of them. Manchester was also the birthplace of the sounds that dominated charts in the nineties and spawned many of the country’s most successful bands including Happy Mondays, Oasis and The Stone Roses. Property is comparatively affordable in Manchester, but like other cities, it really depends on where you want to buy. A house in the leafy Cheshire commuter belt is going to set you back a penny or two, but that doesn’t mean all of Manchester’s property is unaffordable – far from it.

2. Cambridge

This southern city is famous for its university, widely regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world. Cambridge offers so much. Incredible architecture, a palpable sense of history, a unique ‘feeling’ of place, arts, culture, and so much more. The city is also a hotbed of startup entrepreneurialism, with many of the country’s fastest growing companies based there making this a very good option if you want to set up a company. Buying a property in Cambridge will on average cost just under £290,000, which is well above the UK’s average selling price.

1. London

There was only ever going to be one winner. London has it all. Not only is it the UK’s biggest and most vibrant city, but it is also thought of as one of the best cities to live in anywhere in the world. Arts, culture, international cuisine, fashion all thrive here. And while the rest of the country tok the recession on the chin, London weathered the storm quite well. Jobs are plentiful, and thanks to the city’s startup scene in Shoreditch, there is hope that many new jobs can be created in lucrative IT positions. The City, the country’s economic powerhouse, is ever-present and is largely responsible for some of the most expensive property in the world, never mind the UK. Want to buy a property in London? You’ll not have much change out of £500,000. Rents are high too, particularly in the inner boroughs, averaging around £2,500 per calendar month.


About the Author: Lindsay Edwards is a freelance writer from the UK. She enjoys writing about family life, home interiors and travel.


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