Top 10 Worst Microsoft Products of all Time

Microsoft is one of the companies that seem to outshine almost all companies in the products it manufactures. Despite been a hit in many of its outstanding products enjoying huge success with windows 7 and Xbox 360 it seems to have undergone huge domineering defeat from the people, due to their reviews for several of Microsoft products.

As we know, fall and rise are two sides of the very same coin, likewise sometimes defeat teaches you more than victory. In the same manner, Microsoft seems to have suffered a downfall in several products which shall be thrown light upon are mentioned as under-


10. Playsforsure


When Microsoft launched this product it was constantly in the risk of piracy as well as sharing of files illegally. Microsoft built Playsforsure format for helpful offering digital rights management. Many portable media players, mobile phones and receivers having networked attached to them have been qualified by Microsoft to play music of PlaysForSure. Microsoft added Encryption to songs that were bought from the MSN music store. Many people got disappointed when they realized that PlaysForSure music cannot be played on the mp3 players and iPod. It showed the stupidity of DRM encryption.


9. Windows Mobile

When Microsoft tried to duplicate its success of desktop computing on to manufacture new mobiles it didn’t turn out as they desired it to be.  The Windows Mobile did offer advantages when talked about functionality and power, it helped user get their mails easily and they were able to make changes in the documents in very less time. But the overcrowded menus, slow running graphics and crashed performance gave a poor name to the Microsoft brand. Certainly mobile companies like HTC were able to cover up the Windows mobile operating system by producing their user friendly models. Microsoft chief executive, Steve Ballmer owned up the defective designing of its operating system. Windows have now moved to work on Windows Phone 7 series, the next generation operating system of Windows Mobile OS. The entire features have been renewed in this OS for next mobile generation and now it comes with integrated features like social networking sites, user can easily exchange contents with their fellows and a new look. Windows Mobile has been a disaster for the Microsoft brand.


8. Zune

Microsoft wanted to compete against the Apple’s iPod and hence it released Zune in the year 2006. But this device was not capable of competing with the Apple’s iPod and failed. The sales during the first week of launch remained very low. Microsoft even decided to launch the first generation Zune in shade of poor brown but the decision was turned down by technology community. Microsoft campaigns a lot for Zune and its features were improved too recently but all in vain as the device is only sold in US and Canadian markets. Though the recent versions of Zune have been praised due to its low price, ease of use and it is well stocked too, has an impressive feature list and Zune Marketplace for downloading movie, music and TV shows. The device is also stacked up with features like wireless syncing and other social features that made sharing of songs among user easy. Though the device is rejuvenated but it failed to take over the market.


7. Microsoft Bob


Windows 95 was greatly used among the consumer’s during the year 1995. BOB have features like finance tool and word processor and the user interface looked like interior of the house, showing different kinds of rooms with different applications. It allowed the consumers to decorate and design the rooms according to themselves and they were able to move the objects according to their needs. The house correspondence failed and it sometimes appeared more complex rather than simple. It wa made to take over the work of program manager but was not able to do so.


6. Microsoftultra mobile PC

It has always been the dram of Microsoft to manufacture mobile devices that can function like the desktop computers. The graceless mobile device had a very short battery life and always required power plug-in point and had an old way of input through stylus. Microsoft tried to do thing before the time and tried to launch such mobile devices even when there was no technology to support it. Microsoft is still working on this, and according to the rumors have built a dual display touch screen device to take the top position in the market.


5. Windows Me

Windows Me was launched just eight months after the launch of Windows 2000 and it didn’t become so known before Windows XP came in the market in 2001. There were complaints from the users regarding its unreliability, its instability. People said that it was pathetic and it kept crashing very frequently. When users used System restore option it resulted in malware reinstallation and deletion. Desktop computing world regarded it as the “Mistake Edition” and called it a mistake that should never be repeated again.


4. Microsoft Office Assistant

The windows operating system was used by people either at home or in offices and Microsoft took the responsibility to help people solve this problem. Though, the Microsoft office assistant was the lowest point of Microsoft. It is more known as Clippy the Paper clip, whenever you create any word document an animation used to pop up every time which use to be very annoying. Many people had a problem with the paper clip’s constant intervention. Microsoft removed this problem in the next Windows XP but till that time the clippy became popular among the people.


3. Internet explorer

It was released in 2011 and this used to be the gateway for web browsing for millions of people. It came up with many new features. This browser had many security problems; these increased so much that in 2004 United States directed people to use any other web browser other than internet explorer. This browser had many viruses, Trojans and malware programs written on it. Microsoft has worked to release a new and improved version of internet explorer.

2.Windows Vista

It was launched in January 2007. It was a operating system and was designed to make sharing of media and files easier between computers, to have updates and news headlines and for many other purposes. For the early user it was very difficult to operate the system and MP3 player, printers and digital system didn’t work on this operating system. Microsoft’s reputation was blown off by the drawbacks of Windows vista. The lesson was learnt by Microsoft and it releases a better version Windows 7 which didn’t have the disadvantages as were faced in Windows vista.


1. Microsoft Mira

At that time it looked like a great idea to have a Smart Display that was easy to connect without the need of any wired connection to a PC, which allowed user to take out emails and letters without sitting on the desk. It was named as Mira, and was a LCD monitor and was powered by battery and had a touch screen interface. The main drawback of this Display is that it needed to be attached to a PC, they weren’t computers themselves. The second problem was the cost; it was easier to buy a notebook than to buy the expensive Smart display.


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