Top 10 Windows 8 Themes

Your desktop background is the first thing that comes to notice when you power on your computer system. And if this desktop background is nice, people are likely to be impressed by you. Windows 8 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft and here in this article, I have a collection of top 10 windows 8 themes. These themes would definitely make your PC look very cool and people around you would be moved by the beauty of your desktop. These windows 8 themes could also be applied to your windows 7 computer system.

10. Aqua Dynamic Theme

Aqua Dynamic Theme








Have you ever got into deep thoughts while looking at your desktop background? Not yet? Then just try this theme with an awesome background of curling waves. The same way that a small pebble falls into a pond of clear water and circular wave’s come up, your desktop background would make it impossible for you to stop your mind from imagining that kind of stuff. All the beautiful things that you can imagine with water are included in this theme. There is a variety of various other backgrounds which show up rivers, seas and others. Moreover, the colour and the clarity of the wallpapers are just amazing.

9. Waves Panoramic Theme









This is yet another theme related to water. But this time, we have got a bit of nature to interact with water. Those people who love scenes near seas are going to love this theme. Along with the rolling waves of the sea, you will feel that you are sitting just there, at the side of a beach in the evening time and enjoying the beauty of the nature. As the name of the theme suggests itself, it would produce a panoramic effect on the screen of your device. Not only the view, but the sound effects of this theme also relate to the seascape, this means that you can experience the joy of seaside sitting at your home in front of your computer system.

8. Bridges Panoramic Theme









On the 8th position in our list of top 10 Windows 8 themes, we have Bridges Panoramic Theme. This theme is for those kinds of people who love to explore the beauty of the most beautiful cities of the world like Tokyo and Paris. As far as the desktop backgrounds are concerned, a beautiful view of a bridge would span your entire desktop. The perfect colour combinations would make you feel that you are there in Tokyo or Paris in reality.

7. Swedish Summer Theme








Not all the people in this world would want to just sit at the seaside or go to cities like Tokyo and Japan just to admire the natural beauty of those cities. There are people around the world who want to live in the realistic world and admire the grace and beauty of the natural seasons created by God himself. For such kinds of people, here we have a theme relating to the summer season. In the Swedish Summer theme, the scenes captured by the famous photographer of his lifetime, Hans Strands have been chosen to be displayed. While looking at these sceneries, you would feel how beautiful even summers can be if we are able to understand their calmness and serenity.

6. Cityscapes Panoramic Theme









For the city lovers, we have yet another theme on the 6th position in our list – the Cityscapes Panoramic theme. But this theme will not show you up the bridges. Here, we have a collection of the posh areas of the cities covered with the lighting. These skylines, when they would cover your desktop, would impart a look so stunning that everyone looking at your screen would be amazed for a while. The busiest cities of the world like London and Hong Kong have been featured in this theme.

5.  Spectacular Skies Theme








For those people who are not attracted towards landscapes, seascapes, cities or anything else, but still want something unique or extraordinary, the Spectacular Skies Theme would be the best option to choose. The skies would cover entire screen of your laptop or desktop. These skies would impart a certain glow to the lands beneath them. In this theme, there is a huge collection of wallpapers which include the effect of the glow of the skies on various fields on the earth, such as sunflower fields, a solitary road and many others. Again, the photographs featured in this theme have been captured by a German photographer, who is a very famous one of his lifetime – Marco Muller.

4. Forests Panoramic Theme









This is a kind of theme that cannot be rejected by anyone in the world. It is rare to find a person who would not admire the beauty of forests. The calmness and serenity imposed by tall trees in the forests is something desired by every human being. All the kinds of trees the redwood, the beech and others have been included in this theme. Not only are the simplicity of this theme, but the colour and the splendour also eye-catching.

3. Majestic Mountains Panoramic Theme








When it comes to windows 8 themes, how can the mountains stay behind? On the 3rd position in our list of top 10 Windows 8 themes, we have a theme dedicated entirely to the mountains. What can be better than to have a desktop background of mountains in this chilly weather? In the Majestic Mountains Panoramic theme, we have a collection of desktop backgrounds in which the different and elegant mountain ranges of the world have been featured. Looking at such a nice background, you would feel that you are there in the midst of these mighty mountains and the beauty of the nature is all around you.

2. Magic Landscapes 2 Themes








When it comes to beautiful backgrounds for desktop or laptop, nothing can beat landscapes. If you are not sure about anything, you can always put on a nice landscape and still win compliments from many of your friends. The Magic Landscapes 2 Theme follows this rule. Thanks to Michael Breitung for capturing such awesome scenes from the nature, these stupefying landscapes are something that cannot go unnoticed by anyone who looks at your screen even accidentally.

1. Iceland Theme








On the top of our list, we have the Iceland theme. With the time, the choice of the people has also changed. Now people do not want the regular landscapes, rather they want something new and unique, but still, original in appearance. The Iceland Theme fulfils all such requirements and hence, it has made it to the top of the list. The arctic waterfalls and the green hills are featured by this theme in a beautiful manner. Hans Strand has again worked out in this field to produce stunning pictures of Icelandic landscapes.

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