Top 10 Smartphone Concepts that will Change the Game

These days, smartphones are something that people cannot live without. With newer and newer smartphone concepts emerging in the market today, the life has got easier. In this article, I am going to discuss the top 10 smartphone concepts that would change the world entirely. These concepts are something which if fabricated by mobile companies, the people would get attracted towards them in no time. Now you do not have just some of the basic functions on your phone, but very advanced functions, such as connecting to the social networking sites, video calling, Global Positioning system and many others. in the coming years, the functionality of the smartphones is expected to increase further. There may be an increase in  flexibility of the smartphones as well as many other features.

10. Kyocera’s Folding Phone Concept


The smartphones in future would not be as rigid as they are today. They would be much more flexible. The Kyocera’s folding phone concept is an amazing concept. It would be possible to fold your phone. This gives an appearance of a mini-laptop in your pocket. Whenever you need your phone, you can take it out, use it, fold it and put it back into your pocket, the same as you do with your wallet. This Smartphone’s screen would be an OLED screen. Similar to a clutch purse, this phone is likely to attract many customers just after its release in the market.

9. Motorola Piccolo Phone Concept


Finally, we have here a smartphone fabricated especially for females. It is the design and build of this phone that females would get attracted to it in large numbers. The design has been inspired by Motorola, a brand name in smartphones. The phone has a really sexy design, keeping it in her wallet would be a woman’s pride, no doubt.

8. LG Traveller Phone Concept


Whenever we are travelling in a public transport vehicle, carrying our expensive smartphone in our hand is very risky, since there is always a fear of the smartphone falling from our hand. The LG traveller phone concept would eliminate this fear. This concept, as developed by Andrew Zheng, has better grip. So you can now hold your phone anywhere and everywhere without any risk. This phone belongs to the category of slider phones and it is touch screen as well as having a physical button keypad. This unusual shape of the smartphone would definitely attract many customers in the marketplace.

 7. Eclipse Intuit Phone Concept


How many of our readers do not like the low battery sign on their smartphones? I guess there are many out of you. So, this concept, on the 7th position in our list, developed by Eddie Goh, is for you people only. While looking at this phone, you would not feel any new feature. Though it has a 5 megapixels camera which is good enough to take nice photographs as well as built in software for creating nice photo albums, the centre of attraction for this smartphone is the material with which it is built. The phone is composed of a very thin solar skin based on chemicals; the purpose of this skin is to charge your phone’s battery whenever there is any kind of light around the phone that is almost equivalent to automatic charging via light.

6. LG Flutter Phone Concept


When it comes to an extraordinary design, nothing can beat the LG Flutter phone concept. Owing to its marvellous design, the smartphone has already got an opportunity to be featured in a blockbuster movie in future. The device when closed does not look like a phone, but something very absurd. When you open this phone, it would get opened up in the style of a fan. The OLED screen of the phone would display across the device in a radial manner.

5. LG Helix Bracelet Phone Concept


Girls are going to love this phone. This phone can take the form of a bracelet and would get fixed on your wrist. Unless friends’ around you know about this smartphone concept, they would not be able to guess that it is a smartphone, and not a bracelet. This concept has been developed by Rob Luna. The rubbery material would be wrapped around your wrist and the screen is touch enabled. Another awesome feature of this phone is that you need not apply electric power to charge this smartphone, but your kinetic energy would be enough to accomplish the task. You can fix the phone with your belt via the magnetic charger and just do your work. The phone would get charged automatically. Isn’t it great?

4. Philips Fluid Flexible Phone Concept


It seems that bracelet style phones are going to be very popular in the future. The brand company Philips would launch a phone that would be having all the features of a smartphone along with an OLED screen. The major attraction in this smartphone is that it would be possible to fold the smartphone in a circular manner and turn it into a bracelet that could be worn in your wrist.

3. LG’s Folding Phone Concept


















A better name could be given to this concept as this is not just a folding phone concept, but a concept that combines folding ability as well as the power of headphones. Yes, it would be possible to turn your phone into a nice headphone whenever you want to enjoy music or you do not want to hold your phone with your hand when you have to receive a call. This is an amazing concept as you would be able to use your cell phone in a variety of ways. The screen of the phone is touch enabled.

2. Connext Phone Concept


This concept, as fabricated by James Zhang, is an awesome concept, by which, your smartphone would not just be a phone, but it could be converted to a number of other devices as well, such as a computer, a watch, a multimedia player, a physical avatar and many others as well. The device has been fabricated with the flexibility of an E-paper, along with the OLED screen technology. So, the device would be flexible to a great extent. This could actually be called an all-in-one-phone.

1. Relexer Cell phone Concept


On the top of our list, we have an awesome concept in the form of relaxer. As the name of the phone suggests, not only this would be an awesome smartphone, but it would be a medical gadget as well, which could be used to measure the body temperature of the users. The thermometer used to measure the temperature comes integrated with the device and it is flexible enough to be folded and worn on owner’s wrist. Not only the body temperature, but other drastic discrepancies occurring inside the body could also be measured.

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