Top 10 Reasons why iPad Mini would be huge Success

Apple’s 7 inch tablet – the new iPad mini is all set to be launched in the market by the end of this year. As the tablet carries the brand name Apple, and it is a smaller version of the full size iPad by Apple, the tablet is supposed to be budget friendly. Hence, it is expected that this product of Apple would make more sales than ever. This would obviously affect the business of other companies selling 7 inch tablets such as Google, Barnes and Noble, and others. Various rumours have already surrounded the device. This article discusses the top 10 rumours about iPad mini, that clearly reveal why it would make big sales.

1. Smaller Size is Portable:






The main idea behind the production of a tablet as small as 7 inches is the portability issue. The 9.7 inch tablet by Apple available in the market could not make many sales mainly because people could not carry such a big tablet along with them anywhere. Hence, anticipating the need of the market, Apple produced this 7 inch tablet. Since it is smaller, it is lighter and thinner as well. These properties are sure to grab the attention of the customers.

2. Comparatively Lower Price than Other Apple Products:








All those tech enthusiasts who were craving for Apple iPad equipped with the iOS 6, but cannot afford it due to its high price; Apple has come up with a nice alternative in the form of iPad mini – the smaller version of the full size iPad. Now, you can have Apple iPad mini in just a few hundred bucks, which isn’t very costly. The cost factor would definitely play an important role in booming up the sales of the device. A larger number of customers would be tempted to buy the product.

3. Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Launch:







According to some recent reports, it has come up that Apple is planning to launch iPad mini somewhere between the late October and the early November. And, there is a nice reason behind it. As Thanksgiving Day is near, and holidays are approaching, people generally buy newer products during holidays. So, iPad mini would be their first preference if they are looking for a tablet to buy. Apple has given a nice thought to capture all the holiday rush, and if it works, the product would make really big sales which would benefit the company a lot.


4. New Customers would be Attracted:






There may be many other tablets present in the market till date. But, nothing could beat the Apple iPad. But, all the customers cannot buy it due to its very high price. The customers go for alternatives instead, choosing the Google Nexus 7 or the Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Now that the Apple have come up with iPad mini, which is budget friendly, customers would be attracted towards it automatically. And those customers, who have been waiting for iPad mini and did not go for the Nexus 7 by Google or the Kindle Fire by Amazon, would be delighted to know about this product.

5. Heavy Promotion makes it Inevitable for Customers to Notice it:






As soon as any Apple product is launches, commercials pop up within just a few hours of the launch, newspapers and print media come up with a number of ads of the new product, PR machine is enhanced and many more things are done to get the device promoted to a very large extent. IPad mini by Apple is sure to grab the attention of gadget enthusiasts across the globe if such a heavy promotion is done. And, sales are directly linked with the promotion. Heavier the promotion better would be the sales.

6. Competitors Have Already Played Their Part






Can you believe that the Apple’s greatest competitors in the market – Google as well as Amazon, have played a vital role in enhancing the popularity of the iPad mini, even before its release in the market. Before Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, people did not buy smaller sized tablets. But, when they did arrive, people were attracted towards the features and functionalities they could offer. And, if Google and Amazon had such features to provide, people would definitely wonder, Apple would provide them something better. This has opened up the ways of popularity for the Apple’s iPad mini, which is a very good thing for the company.

7. Hardware is Worth the Price:






The Apple’s products always have a great hardware. Same would be true in the case of iPad mini. Dual cameras, a retina display screen, a superb design and many other specs and features of the device have attracted the tech enthusiasts and given the price of the product, the hardware embedded in it is awesome. This is one thing that would make customers buy this device if they want to buy a tablet for long term use.

8. Enterprise Would Accept it Readily:







With the earlier full size version of the iPad by Apple, mobility and portability were great issues. Even then, it was adopted by the enterprise in large numbers and iPad could make heavy sales. With the launch of iPad mini by Apple, even the problem of portability and mobility is resolved. Hence, this newer and smaller product by Apple is expected to be adopted by the enterprise in numbers still stronger than those of the iPad. Hence, the device is sure to make a big number of sales.

9. Rumours Play an Important Role:







Whether you know or not, the more you discuss about something, the more it gets popular in the market. Same is the case with the Apple’s iPad mini. There are numerous rumours spreading everyday about the device. Some of them might be false. But at least, it comes in news when people talk about it. Some people would definitely want to see whether the device is exactly like they have assumed or it is different. Hence, its popularity is automatically increased. Rumours play an important part, seriously.

10. Apple Knows How To Boost Up Its Sales:








Apple is a big company, a very big company indeed. Hence, petty things such as rumours cannot affect this company. When the idea of a 7 inch tablet came up within the company, there has to be some reason behind it. Whatever the rumours say, Apple surely would have thought of a strategy till now by which it can maximise the sales of the product and outshine the Google’s Nexus 7 and the Amazon’s Kindle Fire. So, we don’t know what Apple is doing but Apple is sure about what it is doing and what would benefit it most.

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