Top 10 Most awaited Features in iPhone 5

There has been a great buzz about the release date, price, specs and features of the most awaited device of the year iPhone5. The wait has been very long for this new gadget after the release of iPhone4. It has been rumored that it will be released at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). There are many talks about the new specifications and features this phone will bring to you. It is heard that the phone will be water proof. The release date in Britian is heard to be 21 september this year.Let’s check the most anticipated feature you can find in the new Apple released iPhone. apart from these 10 features you may also see a better design three types of storage sizes including 16, 32 and 64 GB and you may also find the option of wireless charging. The iPhone will not have any external SD memory card slot.



The iphone 4’s screen was very easily breakable and according to the source the display screen in iPhone5 will be much harder and stronger compared to iPhone 4. The screen will be bigger in size but not ver big as compared to the previous models released by Apple.There has been no official specifications about the screen size but due to growing competition and market pressure might have tempted Apple to launch a plus 4 inch iPhone model. It will still have the Retina display with screen resolution of 1200 x 720 pixels.

9. iOS 6

The upcoming iPhone will surely have iOS 6 as the operating system. iOS 6 will add more features to the device and it is free to upgrade your device with this operating system. Now users can access facebook accounts in their iPhone and have quick access to web browser and Siri. Events and birthday dates can be sync with the calendar and Facebook contacts gets incorporated in your phone. Other features include iCloud integration, maps and Notification centres.

8. Near-field communication

Near- field communication has become the most important requirement in all new Smartphone getting released.  Samsung new Smartphone already have NFC build into their system. NFC makes radio communication with similar devices easier. Till now the Apple model didn’t have this feature included in it but the new iPhone 5 will have this feature built in it.

7. Quad-core processor

According to the rumours the new iPhone 5 would have had A6 processor in it. But these rumours turned out to be wrong. According to the latest news the gadget will be in cooperated with quad core processor. Even Apple is known for updating the technology very late yet there are hopes that we will see quad core processor instead of the dual core processor. If you want to open your web browser, your word processor, view your email client and view your latest photos at a very high speed quad core processor is all that you want.

6. 4G LTE

You will not find new Smartphone that will not come featured with 4G LTE service. iPhone 4s is an exception to the list. iPhone 5 will most probably be featured with the ultra high speed choice 4G LTE service. This service will let you transfer data from one device to another at much faster speed on wireless communication. Internet speed can differ from country to country but the overall data transferring speed will increase in your device.

5. An improved camera

The recently uploaded images of iPhone5 shows that the camera used for video chatting i.e. the front camera is shifted from its original place. It is a 2 MP camera. It is placed above the speaker at the top centre of the device. Another rumour says that it will have a 12 MP rear facing sensor camera equipped with dual –LED flash. The flash unit can be separate from the camera. Obviously it cannot match the 41 mega pixel Pure View camera found in Nokia 808, but the improvement from the previous Apple model is great.

4. Thin, thin, thin

Apple always comes forward with the devices that are much slim in comparison to other devices which are available in the market.  Moreover apple is using new integral technologies to update the progress of their devices. Till date they have used in-cell machinery and touch sensors in the screen. This integrated machinery have contributed a lot to make the devices more slim.  Not only apple but all the companies today are trying to make their products thinner.

3. Scratch-resistant glass

Apple’s iPhone 5 will launch with According to the stats scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 is used to in the launching of iPhone 5 by apple. Devices other than apple such as Samsung, HTC are also making use of the scratch technology .

2. Repositioned headphone jack and smaller dock

The images of iPhone 5 have been released on a website named Kit Guru. The pictures are representing the physical details of iPhone. IPhone 4s is comparatively bigger in size. At the bottom of the device they have also placed headphone jack It has also been featured with microphone grills The speaker are also larger than iPhone 4s.Apart from this there are small dock connectors present in the phone.

1. Advance battery with longer talk time

The new iPhone will feature a new better and bigger battery.  It will come with a Li-Po 1420 mAh battery. This battery will provide 8 hours of talking time when used on 3G networks and it can be used for 14 hours when worked on 2G GSM networks.


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