Top 10 Most Anticipated Future Gadgets, the Prototypes

Technology is emerging day by day. People are seeking for something cheaper and efficient. Taking the same concept in the minds, researchers and developers are converting many ideas into reality! Actually the idea of any new gadgets or technology come into knowledge is because of our high comforts that we always wish. For this thanks to our great minds which makes our dreams into the actual one.

10. Hydrogen vehicles:

Hydrogen vehicles uses hydrogen for their power. It converts chemical energy into mechanical energy to generate power for vehicles either by combusting hydrogen or by reacting hydrogen with air to meet the demand of oxygen for it. Whereas hydrogen is not one of the natural sources on earth. Although it occurs in many different forms like methane, other fossil fuels. There are many hydrogen vehicles which work on hydrogen fuels like space rocket, hydrogen cars and so on.

9.’Brain like Computers’ by IBM:


IBM has proposed a new technology i.e., ‘BRAIN LIKE COMPUTERS’. Recently IBM has announced that it is going to lead with US government. Collaboration with them in order to develop electronic circuitry that will action like brain. For this an organic molecule called ‘ddq’ is going to use. This research will held under supervision of some computer engineers, neurologist, psychologists and scientists.

8. IPHONE-6:

 After the launch of iphone5, the latest news in the market is about iphone6. Sources say that it will be launching with the new technology of ‘Liquid Metal’. As well as apple is trying to update its license for this technology in next two years. Besides having so many advantages, iphone6 may have problems in wireless charging. Since it is too early after iphone5, they are not much sure to say what will be new features in iphone6. With the last results of its product, it can be predicted that this device is again going to make big money.


A smart tv by the cooperation of google and LG is going to hit the market soon. This tv is also known with the name of ‘google tv’. Users will find the combined features of android apps by google and LG’s own smart technology. Although the further information is being kept hidden, the idea of the tv is like some ‘enchanted remote’ will be there for it. There may be qwerty pad. As it is combined cooperation of google and LG so there is some facility to update your social networking sites too.


As apple is one of the leading company today, again it has proposed a new concept of ‘black hole’by ‘josseline zaigouche’- a French designer. This futuristic device will use holographic technology. Once you open your hand, the ball in the middle of the device starts soaring and this allow the user to control different functions in the middle of the air. Isn’t it amazing one? Also when the user will connect it to the charging base it will automatically turn into desktop.


This nextep computer concept is based on flexible OLED touchscreen. Again it is using the concept of bracelet. Whereas the concept looks pretty cool. This will serve as both a computer as well as accessary tool. The looks given to the computer are really killer. I believe everyone wish to have in future as soon as it reaches in the market.


For the long time of scanning, patients have to keep them still during FMRI procedures therefore creating discomfort for them. Also they have to resist a great noise levels inside it. This helmet will have 500 sensors for better spacial resolutions. The helmet is based on the concept of ‘red dot design’. By this doctors can get information of scan within short span of time. Patients will also be provided with multimedia services to keep them relax.


Many times we get very frustrated if our devices show sign of low battery especially if we are outdoors. This problem can be solved very easily now with these use and throw batteries. Concept given by ‘Ping Yi Lin’. He has provided the solar powered dispensing paper RFID batteries (in different voltage level available). A big advantage of it is when batteries are used these can be thrown into recycle bins. Well, in Singapore chewing gums are banned as may be they will not get to experience this nice concept.


This is really going to be an amazing gadget which can make you remember of the same taste as of your mother hands. This device senses the dish and is capable of making exactly the same as old one. Electrolux motherspoon allow families to connect together from different corners of the world by providing the exact replica of the taste. Again it will use the internet service for better quality. It is consist of two parts: main spoon and a spoon stand. It will store the information and dish details with your mother’s voice. Whenever in future you need, you can prepare with its help the same dish.


 Many of us wants to be spy. We like to seek our eyes secretly on our enemies. Robert 2.0 tank is a tank especially designed for the purpose of spy. This device is capable to capture videos and pictures even in the night as it has night vision. Another advantage is because of its small size it can move under many things. This is controlled with the of sliders. But unfortunately its battery slow down too fast and is not rechargeable.



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