Top 10 Best YouTube Alternatives 2012

Whenever you want to search for a particular video on the internet, you head towards YouTube, type something in the search bar and done. But, have you ever wondered of other video sites that may provide you features even better than YouTube? I am sure you haven’t. Now, YouTube has even started charging for some video downloads. Here, in this article, I am providing a list of top 10 alternatives to YouTube which will make you realise that there is a lot more you are missing out by sticking to YouTube. These video sites could also be considered whenever you want to upload a video on internet.


If you are in a mood to launch a serial show, Blip is the place to go. And the best thing is that you need not worry about the management and promotion of your work. There are various tools provided by Blip that would help you to create and customize your series. Distribution is done through major video sites such as YouTube and hence, promotion is not a big issue. The quality of the videos is also very high and almost all video formats are supported. If you choose to sign up for ad account, provides you an opportunity to earn well as its ad revenue are split 50/50.

9. Vimeo:


Similar to YouTube in many respects, Vimeo is yet another video platform that is fabricated especially for those artsy people who are looking for a video platform that would provide a constructive community that would provide them feedbacks regularly. The content is of a very high quality and hence, better videos could be created. Along with a standard suite, there is a video school as well. If you are a free user, you can upload 500MB videos per week. By registering as pro, you can even upload 5GB per week.

8. Veoh:


If you have some very long videos to upload and you want a very high quality of videos as well, Veoh is the best video platform you can choose. Many features of this site are similar to YouTube and you can even upload full length films without any difficulty as the user interface is also very smart and convenient.

7. Viddler:


If you are a business person and looking for a nice video platform to upload your videos, Viddler is the best site as is geared to some major companies and corporations rather than the homemade videos. The quality of videos is also very high and along with it various business tools are also provided to create and customize videos to make them perfectly focussed on business only. There is an exclusive adworks tool which lets you monetize your videos.

6. DailyMotion:


This site features the videos of varying lengths – from very short homemade clips to long professional videos. Still, the upper bound on the length of the video clip is 60 minutes and 2GB. High Definition video uploading is available for all users without registering for Pro. Most of the common video formats are supported by this site and due to its varying length video support; many times it is visualized as a content aggregator site. The content is organized by category and this site has a major emphasis on community building as many users are added everyday in the contact list and they can send feedback as well.

5. Current TV:

Current TV

Sites like YouTube generally pick content from TV and then post it on their sites. But, the Content TV works the other way. There are a number of videos and pods on this website which is then voted by their users and the content that gets highest votes is the one to be played on their TV channel. There is a wide variety of videos on this site and if you are a kind of quality video producer, you can try your luck by joining this community and posting your videos to this site. If your videos are chosen by other users, it might be played on TV thereby making you a little bit of cash and a huge popularity.

4. Atom:


If you are a kind of user who visits YouTube during your boring days and you need a laugh, I would suggest you to visit Atom instead. The videos here are much more funny and humorous as present on YouTube. Previously known as Atom Films, Atom has an enormous collection of funny videos including animation stories, comedy short stories, sketches and others. Atom has been so popular because of its very own staff filmmakers producing large number of quality funny videos to entertain their customers on a daily basis.

3. 5 min:

5 min

This is yet another video platform which contains videos of 5 minutes duration only. Most of the videos here are 5 minute tutorials. For example: You can learn to photograph a red squirrel in just 5 minutes, or how to find a solution to poverty in your country, that too in just 5 minutes. If you know any of the art that you want to teach people, you can make a 5 minute video of it and upload it on this site. This is really a nice concept.

2. Blinkx:


Blinkx video site contains videos from almost all the categories and it is regarded as the world’s largest video search engine. You do not need to go to various video sites for searching various different categories if you are a Blinkx user this site provides videos under all the categories at a single place. The search is based in keyword. You type a keyword in the search bar and a large collection of videos is presented before you from which you can select which one to play.

1. Yfrog:


Yfrog is my favourite video platform and it could be considered as the best alternative to YouTube. This video site is also very fast and uploading is faster and easier than ever. Popularly known as the photo sharing website, the yfrog also provides an opportunity to upload short, high quality video clips and share them on Twitter. This is a kind of personal video uploading platform where your uploaded videos would go as a post in your friends’ news feed. The features are limited at the moment, but yfrog is sure to grow later on.

YouTube is popular no doubt, but due to its features getting limited day by day and charges imposed on some downloads, people are heading towards some other video sites. The most popular ones have been discussed in this article. If you feel I have missed out on some other, please feel free to share it in the comments section.


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