Top 10 Best Upcoming Mobile Phones 2012-2013

Mobile Phones have become a necessity, long back the only thing we could do with our phones was to receive calls but with the change in time we see new unexpected featured come up in the new phones which tempt us to get that brilliant and beautiful upcoming phones.  Just like fashion keeps changing, the trend in mobile phone also does. No matter how awesome a mobile phone we possess, we also keep looking forward to what’s new in the market. Every year we see upcoming phones to have awesome features that were never imagined earlier and the craze to get the new phone increases. Mobile companies aspires to have the maximum number of customers carrying the mobile phone bearing their company’s name. So we are presented with many new choices every now and then.We would update you here with the mobile phones that you can have in your hands tomorrow. Have a look at some of these very awesome upcoming mobiles 2013:

10. Sony Xperia T: 

upcoming sony mobile 2013

This is one of the most awaited phones. It will have the latest Android 4.0 as its operating software. A dual core processor with 1 gb ram. It is also going to provide a large display screen of 4.55 inches with an awesome 13 mp camera. It is also said to have the latest 4G data service. With a fully capacitive touch screen, this phone promises to be the best of its type.

9. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD: 

Motorola along with the other brands is also in the race of providing the best features available. This new phone is looking forward to provide an OS of Android 4.0.4. With a display screen of 4.7 inches of capacitive touch and with 1 gb ram and dual core processor, this phone also provides a 4G data service and camera quality of 8 mp. A buyer must go through this phone before making his final decision.

8. Nokia Lumia 820:

Nokia has now completely switched to windows phone after its OS symbian was found weak in comparison to android OS. Nokia lumia 822 promises to provide windows 8 as its operating software. Alongwith 8 MP camera and a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, this phone is expected to have the highest speed among the currently existing phones.

7. Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE: 

Samsung after the completion of note series is planning to launch a decent priced mobile phone. This phone will have OS Android 4.0 with 5 MP camera and a display screen of 4 inches. This phone is scheduled to be a CDMA phone. It is expected to become very popular. Normally users avoid CDMA phones, but this phone will surely force everyone to change their minds and people will surely go for it.

6. Nokia Lumia 900:


Lumia 900 is said to have Windows 7.5 Mango as its OS. With 512 mb ram single core processor, it is said to have a 12.1 MP camera. Its display screen is expected to be 4.30 inches. Its pricing and release date are yet not shared by Nokia but it will soon be in markets. It will have a 4G data service and a battery backup of 7 hrs of talk time and up to 300 hours standby. So go ahead, this is the phone you are waiting for.

5. HTC 8X: 

HTC 8X is rumored to be HTC’s first window phone. It will have a Windows 8 OS. With dual core 1 GB RAM processor. With a camera of 8 MP and a screen of 4.3 inches with 4G data service, this phone claims to be the best phone launched by HTC till date. Although people will on first be a bit hesitant on buying a windows HTC phone as its the first one in this brand but HTC are raising high expectations on this phone and are sure about its high sales.

4. Blackberry London:

Blackberry London has not been officially announced yet. But a few pictures of this phone and few details have been leaked. This phone will be containing its regular blackberry OS. Expected to have a 8MP camera and 1 gb ram with 1500 Mhz TI omap processor. This phone after being leaked has gained a great popularity in market. People are dying for its release and to get hands on it.

3. Samsung ATIV S: 

With a bundle of windows phone in market, how is it that Samsung has not yet launched one of its. So Samsung ATIV S, phone with windows 8 OS. 4.8 inch screen with capacitive touch and camera of 8 MP. Samsung is also going to provide 4g data service along with dual core processor. This phone is expected to give a tough competition to all the others

2. Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia’s Premium upcoming Windows 8 smartphone, Lumia 920 is definitely one of the most awaited and amazingly beautiful Windows Phone. The phone is surely going to be hugely successful thanks to Windows 8 Phone Os simplicity and it’s premium design and feel. Nokia Lumia 920 comes loaded with 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches Pure Motion HD+ Display, Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait Processor, 1GB Ram and 32 GB Internal Storage. But one thing about this upcoming phone which stands out is it’s 8.7 MP Primary Camera which has optical image stabilization so you no longer would get any shaky images. The Phone is expected to be around $600.

1. Apple iPhone 5:

The Most awaited phone this year is easily The Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5 would get a bigger 4″ display and a more powerful Processor. iPhone 5 will offer 4G and it will be LTE network compatible. The camera of iPhone 5 will be amazingly powerful 8MP dual led flash. Its storage capacity will be boosted up to 64 gb. Its new iOS 6 is expected to have a digital music locker. The price of iPhone 5 factory unlocked version is expected to start with $699. This Soon to be launched iPhone is for sure the best phone designed ever by Apple.

We hope the information provided  in the article is sufficient for all the readers to choose which phone are they targeting next. So be ready for some amazing pieces to be added on in the market. Comments on the article are welcomed. Any queries related to the article will be entertained.

Update: Nokia announces two more Windows Phones that would launch in 2013: Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 505

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