Top 10 Best Unique iPhone 5 Covers & Cases

iPhone is undoubtedly the World’s Most Loved gadget, it has single handedly made Cupertino Apple the Biggest Tech company. Apple recently released Apple’s iPhone 5 (Technically the 6th Device) and it has received so far pretty favourable reviews (if we forget the Maps thing). The device looks very solid and tough but to preserve the costly device for long, a decent yet stylish cover or a case is essential. The Best iPhone Cases and Covers would help save your phone from those Accidental and Unplanned falls and also make them look even more stylish and designer. Some of the best covers and cases also have amazing inbuilt unique features like the ability to glow at night, convert to a arm band, etc and importantly they are very solid to handle a big fall.

Ok, so lets go through the list of Best iPhone 5 Cases and Covers and see which one is strong enough to handle a fall and give an added advantage with it’s unique features.

10. Belkin EaseFit Plus Armband iPhone 5

Belkin Easefit Plus Armband for iPhone 5 is a unique yet extremely useful concept, you can put your precious iPhone 5 on your wrist and use it for various purposes like when you are Exercising or Gymming. iPhone’s great health apps and this cover/case is a perfect combination. Moreover Belkin Easefit Plus Armband is extremely light weight and is made up of Neoprene and Lycra which helps keep your Phone safe. Belkin Easefit Plus Armband also has a long stretchable strap and fabric so that it can fit on your arm easily. Easefit Plus Armband for iPhone 5 comes in two colors, Black and Day Glo (Pinkish) and costs around $29. One added functionality of this wonderful iPhone 5 armband is that it also has an integrated key pouch which can come in really handy.

9. Belkin Shield Blooms Case/Cover

Another great Belkin Cover in the list, the simple, sober yet very Strong and Classy thin iPhone 5 Cover. One reason why iPhone 5 stands out is because of it’s super thin profile, it given an all new look to the iPhone 5. However these cases and covers are required to protect the phones and hence won’t show the original look of new thin iPhone 5. But with this Belkin Shield Blooms case you would get the same original thin look of your iPhone and wont have to compromise with the security. This patterned case has a high glossy look to it too. The case is completely scratch resistant and also allows you to access all iPhone 5 ports and functions. The cover is available at Amazon at a price of $29.

8. Madisson Quilted Leather Cover Case

If you are looking for a case that would give your iPhone ultimate security, than look no further. Madisson Quilted Leather Cover case is made up of unique high quality leather wrap that gives your Phone the safety and gorgeous looks. It’s handmade so that it keeps your new iPhone 5 high profile looks intact and also isn’t bulky. Madisson Quilted Leather Cover case costs $70 per piece and comesin four colors.

7. Naked for iPhone 5

Do you dislike these Goddy Cases and yet want to have a case that is simple so that it keeps the original looks of iPhone 5 intact and is strong enought to protect it like other cases, then Naked for iPhone 5 is your best option. As the name suggests Naked has minimalist design and follows the iPhone 5 design, it is very thin so hardly looks if there is any case on he Phone. It is strong to bear any impact and is scratch resistant. The case costs $40 and comes in white color.

6. Artistry Woods

Artistry Woods is another hand crafted iPhone5 Case, the wooden texture gives an all new feel to your iPhone 5. It is made up of Genuine hardwood with Aluminium that gives your phone super solid Protection. The case is a combination of two pieces and hence protects both your iPhone 5’s front and back. The cover costs $50 piece and comes in Zebrawood or Black Ash colors.

5. Pop! with Stand

Here comes a Case that adds a much needed feature to your iPhone 5, a Stand. You can now watch your favourite media on iPhone 5’s bigger screen and better display more easily with the help of Pop’s stand case. The case supports Portrait and Landscape viewing, and is made of Dual Layer, and solid outer material to add more security to your new Phone. The case is also available in huge variety of colors like White, Black, Charcoal, Green, Blue, Orange, Green, Grey, etc and it costs $35.

4. Gumdrop Tech Series Case for Apple iPhone 5

Gumdrop Tech Series case would take your iPhone protection to a new level, it not just protects your iPhone 5 body but also it’s screen. It has extreme solid built and dual layers to handle any type of shock absorptions. The case also has an integrated screen protector and rounded edges to give more security to your Phone. The cover costs $45 and is only available in black color.

3. Otterbox Commuter Series Case and

Otterbox Commuter Series iPhone 5 case is another great offering from Commuter. It’s 2 Layers protection protects your Phone from Shocks, Falls and Dust. This case is the smaller brother of Defender Series (#2 in our list) and has almost similar features. The case lets you access all the iPhone 5 ports without requiring to remove the case. It comes in Black, Bolt, Boom, Green, Glacier, Pink, Night Sky and Punk colors and costs $35.

2. OtterBox Defender Series Case iPhone 5

Otterbox has been pioneers in making iPhone cases and are know for their quality of products, and this very popular Otterbox Defender Series iPhone 5 case is no exception. It does best what a case needs to do i.e Protect your Phone from those Unintentional Risks. This polycarbonate case fits together and has a silicone protection over it thus taking no chances when it’s about your Phone’s security. It lets you access all phone’s ports and also protects it from dust. Go play with your iPhone 5 when you have this case up and it would still won’t get hurt. The case comes with Screen Protector which is hardly noticeable and belt clip holster. It comes in Glacier Color and costs $50.

1. Groove Bamboo Case for iPhone 5

The case hand built with one of the strongest natural material Bamboo. It’s looks stunningly beautiful, its extremely stronger and thinner. The case is very durable thanks to it’s natural raw material “Bamboo” and its strength comes from water based resins bound in bamboo. The case can have your customized engraving which can personalize your phone even more. It is built in Portland, and costs $59 (which would increase soon as per the official website).

We tried our best to give you the best List of iPhone 5 Cases and Covers, you can also check out here if you are looking for iPad cases and covers. Let us know below in comments if you find any case better than our list we would love to feature that here.


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