Top 10 War Games For Your Tablets

Games played on your tablets are a splendid use of leisure hours. As the popularity of games is growing each day, newer games are being brought to the forefront. Among all the types of games available for a player, the war games top the list. The top ten war games of all time are described here in brief.

10. Primal Rage (Arcade)

Primal Rage isn’t among the easiest games. It is quite hard to play. The controls of the game are not much user friendly. The storyline is somewhat a bit absurd.  However, it used to be among the best games in the past and thus is tenth on the list.

9. Dead or alive 3 (X box)

Dead or Alive is also among the best war games. It is the first game to allow interaction of the player with the background. Although the previous parts of this game weren’t all that hit, this game turned out to be a success.

8. Mortal Kombat 2 (Arcade)

This is among the most popular war games ever. One popular phrase of this game worth mentioning is “finish him”. Another distinct feature of this game is that it allowed two fatalities for a single character. This game is believed to be a complete package with balance maintained between combat and humor.

7. Tekken 3 (PSOne)

Tekken has reached its 5th part which is quite a popular game but the third part has some magic about it. The features of this amazing game are quite spot on and a lot of customizations are allowed. So, overall, this game is an interesting one.

6. Virtua Fighter 2 (Saturn)

VF2 is a very popular game and thus, finds the sixth spot on this list. It features a very good battle platform. This is a ground game and doesn’t foster any lame features. Akira is among the most powerful and popular fighters. Although, there are newer versions of this game available, this part has grabbed quite some success.

5. Bushido blade (PSOne)

This is for players who like one to one close combat with knives or sword. All this game doesn’t feature much fighting; the testament of this game is amazing.

4. Soul Caliber (Dreamcast)

This game has to be there in the top 5 margin. It is quite a good game for doomed system. The music of this system is quite good as well. Although one can experience certain small problems while playing the game, it counts among the best games of the time.

War Games

War Games For Your Tablets

3. Killer Instinct (Arcade)

This game doesn’t need much introduction or description. It is among the best games of the time. It features fine arenas and perfect fighters to begin the competition.

2. Street Fighter 2 (championship)

This is the best example to give of a balanced game. This features all the qualities that a war game should have. Very good and presentable arenas are provided for the fight. Thus, it finds the second spot on the list.

1. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Dreamcast)

Many arguments would come for street fighter to be above this game on the list. However, the combination of all the features this game delivers is superior to any other fighting game. Thus, it is ranked 1 combat experience.

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