Top 10 Features A Smartphone Must Have

Is your phone a Smartphone? Your phone is a smartphone if it has all the smart features in it. A smartphone is a device which not only allows you to make and receive calls but it is also a portable computer that you can carry anywhere in your pocket.You always have an option to choose a smartphone according to your needs. Different people have different needs. But there are some important features you should consider while buying a smartphone. Apart from the additional useful features, any smartphone must have these basic important features.

10. The operating system

Android is one of the most popular operating system. But if your phone does not have an updated version of android then you need to think. You smartphone must always have an updated version of operating system. You can have quick access to the web and also download faster when you have an updated version of operating system in your smartphone.

9. Web access

A smartphone should have quick access to web. It helps you to connect to the internet with highest speed using 3G and 4G networks. If your smartphone supports Wi-Fi, it becomes easy for you to connect to the internet by using any wireless router.

8. Apps

A smartphone allows an access to all types of apps including business apps from your phone. Some of these apps are free while the others are paid. They are designed to make your life easier. You can choose the apps which suit your needs.

7. Internal memory 

A smartphone has an internal memory which helps you store wallpapers, photos and even movies. The internal memory should be at least 4GB-8GB if you want to download apps and movies.

6. Processor

Processor is the most important part in a smartphone. Your smartphone should have a processor with at least 1GHZ frequency. The processing will be faster with more frequency.

5. Battery life

Poor battery life is a common problem in almost every phone. You need a long lasting battery for faster processors, heavy graphics and multi-tasking. A smartphone with all these features should have a good battery life which runs at least for 24 hours.

4. Capable to find the stolen phone

A smartphone must use an application which helps you find the location of your phone when it is stolen. This can save you from losing your personal or any confidential data stored in your smartphone.


3. GPS

GPS is popular navigation app in a smartphone. You can also add Google maps to your phone to complete your navigation tools. With this navigation tool, you can find your own route in any city or statewithout any difficulty.

2. USB

A USB cord helps you connect your phone to a computer or a laptop. Almost all the Smart phones come with a USB, but you should opt for the one which has a USB On-The-Go. USB On-The-Go helps you to connect your phone directly to a pen drive and a portable hard disk and transfer all the data from your phone to the pen drive and vice versa.

1. Scratch proof screen

It is very important for a touch screen smartphone to have a scratch proof screen to maintain its touch sensitivity. So, make sure your phone has a scratch proof screen.

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