Top 10 Reasons Why Office 2013 Is Best Office Yet

Microsoft has released the beta version of Office 2013 and the package has already earned rave reviews from all quarters. It is said to be one of the most user-friendly and offers a great user interface. Read on below for ten characteristics which make Office 2012 the best Office yet.



If you work extensively with Word and if your documents run into several pages, you will love Microsoft Office 2013. The package comes with excellent bookmarking feature which allows you to tag the point where you were working before shutting down the file. You don’t have to search for the point and scroll up and down for it. This feature is one of the best ones for boosting productivity of the user. It saves a lot of time as well.

9. PDF files editing

Although PDF files are used extensively in various aspects, they are very inflexible. Formatting and editing these files is very bothersome. Microsoft 2013 makes it easy. With Word 2013, you can edit the PDF file as much as you want and with great ease. You save both time and trouble. From being a liability, PDF becomes one of your strengths when you use the 2013 version. A lot of people will want to use the latest version solely for this reason.

8. Image search


Microsoft 2013 has also made working with PowerPoint very easy. Although a highly flexible system, PowerPoint was slightly troublesome with respect to finding images. Office 2013 solves this problem beautifully. You can trigger the Bing search engine to find images with higher speed. Downloading the image and sticking them on the page is easier than ever before. For people who make regular presentations, Microsoft Office 2013 is a gift.

7. Enhanced Excel


The functions with Excel are much more enhanced. Among the various versions released by Microsoft, Excel in Office 2013 is the most user friendly. Excel helps you in various functions such as analysis, formatting, presentation and so much more. Not only is the new feature wonderful for newbie users, it is a feature which is sure to convert old users into 2013.

6. Better Interface


The highlight of MS Office 2013 is the excellent user friendly interface. This new version comes with certain alterations in terms of appearance and functions and these alterations make it much easy to work with because of their simplified visuals. For one, the 3D appearance has been done away with. Secondly, File tab has been altered to improve functionality.

5. Flexibility and easy portability

There is a new feature in Office 2013 known as Office-on-demand. With the help of this option, any single office applications can be used on a computer without having to install the feature. This is very useful for people on the go. If you do not have access to a computer with has Office installed in it, you can use the Office-on-Demand feature and download the application which you need immediately. This kind of portability and flexibility did not exist in the other versions.

4. Enhanced click-to-run


Office 2013 brings a few cookies for the browser based installations. The Click-to-Run allows users to use streams before they are fully loaded by installing  those applications in the background. This feature was included in the 2010 version. However, in the 2013 version, the function has been upgraded and made more powerful. This feature is proving to be one of the most functional features for businesses. According to Microsoft, the upgrade has been made in order to accommodate deployment for large businesses.

3. Office telemetry


Office telemetry is another feature which is excellent for businesses. With the help of this feature, businesses can increase their working efficiency and precision. The feature assembles various reports from a wide range of Office clients and sends information to whomever concerned. The telemetry database is linked to Excel through Office Telemetry Dashboard. It combines the features of Office Migration Planning Manager, Office Environment Assessment Tool and Office Code Compatibility Inspector.

 2. Enhanced cloud interface


One of the strongest points in favor of Office 2013 is the cloud interface. With the inclusion of SkyDrive, which is something similar to DropBox, cloud interface has been greatly enhanced. Office 2013 can directly save files on SkyDrive as long as you log into the page using Microsoft user ID. You get some amount of free cloud storage space. If you use additional space, you have to pay a nominal fee. In the present world of cloud computing boost, this interface is definitely going to work wonders for Office 2013.

1. Social media compatibility

Social media compatibility is excellent with Office 2013. Plans are on to include enhanced Sharepoint and sharing social media tools such as Google Plus and FaceBook. More features such as Skype, Yammer and Lync will also be included to enhance social compatibility. With these features, sharing on social media can be directly through Office and the process becomes very simple.

With so many attractive features, Office 2013 is definitely going to prove highly functional.

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