Top 10 Exciting Features Of Windows 7

Windows 7 is a tweaked version of the earlier Windows Vista introduced to raise the deteriorating market of Microsoft after Vista failed badly. Windows 7 looks, behaves, and acts almost close to Windows Vista but with more improved performance.It has tried to overcome all the shortcomings and disadvantages of Vista. Windows 7 was released on July 22, 2009, and was available at all retail outlets in the year 2009.

10. Windows 7 Explorer– There is no longer a painin the back. In Windows 7, the navigation pane remains still, so that you are saved from all the swaying back and forth the navigation pane.

9. User Account Control – It has become more user- friendly and it is now easier to access the utilities. Having removed the unnecessary and redundant User Account Control dialogs, the prompts have become more informative. Users now have greater control over UAC.

8. Multiple graphics card support- Windows 7 has provided support for multiple heterogeneous graphics cards to be run in parallel. They can be from different vendors and manufacturers. But you cannot use a combination of ATI and NVIDIA cards in an SLI-configuration. It means you can have multi-vendor and multi-monitor setups.

7. Extra space- Microsoft has removed a number of the extra programs from Windows start menu and now offers them as freebies from the Windows Live website. Those who want can have them downloaded, and those who don’t want them are freed from the burden of uninstalling them. Thus an extra bit of space is saved.

6. Lesser booting time- Windows 7 has a lightning fast 15-second boot time. On the contrary, three quarters of users using Windows Vistahave reported slower boot times of more than 30 seconds.

5. More customization– Windows 7 allowsyou to customize your needs by simply clicking the little arrow next to the system tray and selecting a Customize option. In the dialog box that appears you can choose which icons to be displayed in the tray and their notifications.

4. Less cluttered taskbar- In Windows 7, all the security features have been packaged into one icon thereby minimizing space wastage. On clicking it, you’ll see innumerable updates regarding various essential tools.

Windows 7

3. Split screen- Windows 7 has a brand new feature where you can drag open windows to each side of the screen and then they will automatically resize themselves to take up half the screen space each.

2. Home Group- This feature allows all Windows 7 computers on a network aids the users to share as many iteams as they want among the home networks and it also have now become a significant feature of this amazing tool of windows. This is made possible by the use of Libraries (collections of similar types of files, such as music, photos, or documents). One can access files from anywhere on the Home Group network as if they were stored locally.

1. Taskbar Preview- The Taskbar preview feature has been improved so that when you hover over a taskbar icon, you can get actual previews of each program running on your computer.


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