Top 10 Attractive Features Of The Brand New Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows from the house of Microsoft. It is more like a tweaked version of the earlier Windows 7 with a huge list of added features and a brand new interface.

10. Easy to use Gestures

Windows 8 supports simple and intuitive touch gestures like swiping in from the left to switch between open apps. Swiping in from the right shows the Charms menu. Semantic zooming is another feature. The pinch-to-zoom gesture allows you to get a high-level view of running apps.

9. Live Tiles

The apps being used in Windows 8 can constantly feed you information without you even having to open them. This is especially helpful for viewing new e-mail, upcoming events, thumbnails of images and the latest headlines from news. Third-party app developers can also take advantage of the Live Tile feature. You can turn them off when necessary.

8. Customized Lock Screen

Microsoft has added some spice to the lock screen in Windows 8. You can choose up to seven apps that will constantly run in the background and send notifications to the lock screen. For example- Weather and Calendar apps can show information on the Lock Screen at all times.

7. Refresh and Reset

The refresh option in Windows 8 is useful when your PC is acting slowly is full of bugs. With a single click you can refresh the PC back to default without changing any of your files, Windows Store apps, or other personalized settings. Reset, on the contrary, is a greattool when you want to sell your old PC to a new owner. It makes sure that everything is wiped out.

6. Synchronized Settings-

You’ll be able to synchronize all your personal settings on PCs, notebooks or Tablets on the go, courtesy the Microsoft account and Windows 8’s cloud-friendly platform.

5. Snap View for Multitasking

Windows 8 Store apps can be snapped next to each other for various multitasking endeavors. A second app can then take up more screen space for a larger view. This is especially useful, say, when you want to chat with a friend while browsing the web simultaneously.

4. Pin Anything

This feature makes Windows 8 Start screen behave like a virtual bulletin board where. You can pin specific websites and some sections from apes.

Windows 8

3. Share Anything

Windows 8 makes sharing easier. If something is shareable, then the Share menu will not only allow you to post on your social networks and e-mail, but also you’ll also be able to share between apps.

2. Task Manager

The task manager in Windows 8 has several new features. It has a complete list of everything that’s running on your device grouped into sections: App History, Processes, Performance, Users Details, Startup and Services.

1. The Interface

The stunning Start Screen UI gives you a completely new Windows experience. The chrome less, full-screen Windows Store apps are superbly slick and navigating the Start Screen is seamless. Windows 8 is speedier than Windows 7, and the brand new interface only enhances this.


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