Top 10 Weird Inventions That Made Millions

Sometimes, people invent things that seem to have no use at all. But even if they are actually useless, the following inventions became popular and surprisingly, it made a lot of money. Here are the top 10 inventions that made millions:

10. Doggles

These are goggles made for dogs. It acts like a sunglass that prevents the UV rays, dust, debris and wind from irritating their eyes. It is an aid to prevent dogs from tears.

9. Snuggie

During a cold night, blankets accompany most of the people. But, the Snuggie, the competitor of the Slanket, is a robe or sweater like blanket that you can use in a chilly day. It comes in different colors and patterns that you will surely love.

8. Magic 8 ball

Do you remember a scene from toy story when woody asked the magic 8 ball to predict what could happen next? That is the exact ball that made millions. A lot of people purchased it and believed in this fortune telling device.

7. Koosh ball

“A sphere of rubber band strands” that best explains this Koosh ball. In 1988, this ball dominated the market. It is multicolored and is used to play catch. Kids love it.

6. Plastic Wishbone

The inventor and creator of Luck Break Wishbone Corp., Ken Ahroni, have come to the idea of selling wishbones. Holiday turkeys will now have a fake wishbone. Even vegetarians have a wishbone of their own. This invention was sold $ 3.99 for four pieces.

5. Singing fish

Are you serious? You are really going to invest to a singing fish? It was a Texas novelty toy during the 1990s. It can be displayed on a wall, a shelf or a gift box. The tunes vary. There are also different kinds of fishes; the rocky rainbow trout, boogie bass; and the big mouth billy bass. The demand for this toy decreased but you can still find this toy in some stores.

4. Billy bob teeth

This is a fake pair of dentures that has a missing front tooth. This is used to correct a crossbite or underbite for an expensive rate that costs $ 9.99. This seems to add fun to those who brought the item. But then, the demand soon faded easily.

Weird Inventions

Weird Inventions That Made Millions

3. Furby

One of the hottest toys in the late 1990’s, Furby has corgi ears, bird beak, and fur and knows how to speak in English. At first, it speaks a gibberish language but in 2005, a new and improved version was introduced in the market.

2. Tamagochi

One of the all-time favorite gadgets of all ages. The Tamagochi allows the owners to take care of a virtual pet. You will be able to feed it, play with it and let it sleep just like a real pet. You can also give it a name. When you do not pay much attention, it will die. Almost 70 million pieces of this gadget were sold.

1. A pet rock

If you are watching the family guy, you will remember that they had a pet rock long before they had kids. It is weird that it made millions even if it’s not moving. It has many designs and others even have eyes. It debuted in 1975. Today, pet rocks are still available in the internet.

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