Top 10 NASA Innovations For Daily Use

In 50 year of NASA’s history, it has extended its boundaries to innovate new products for the betterment of general people. Here is a list of 10 few innovations of NASA that have improved our daily life.

10. Scratch-resistant Eyeglasses: Initially, whenever someone used to drop his/her eyeglasses, either it got shattered into pieces or had a permanent scratch on it. To avoid this, NASA applied its technology and developed scratch-resistant eyeglasses. They started to manufacture their lenses with lightweight plastics which had a special coating for dust particles too.

9. Shoes for Athletes: Athletic shoes are specially made and manufactured by all major shoe companies worldwide. They have taken the idea from the technology applied for the moon boots when Neil Armstrong landed on moon for the first time. With this modern technology, the special boots for athletics reduce the impact of feet and legs hitting the ground.

8. Memory Foam for home and space flight:  NASA had applied its memory foam technology initially to its space flight which later was implemented to private and commercial planes as well as at homes. Mattresses with this technology are shock absorbent and help individuals to sleep better at night. This high-tech foam is also used to manufacture items like prosthetic limbs for the protection of racing car drivers, bedridden or disabled people; for dressmaking; for motorcycle seats etc.

7. Invisible Dental Braces: Most of the time people avoid dental braces in public places because their smile reveals their mouth full of metals. But thanks to the new invention of NASA that invisible braces has come to the global market. These are manufactured of TPA or translucent polycrystalline alumina and do not possess the shiny metallic factor. These invisible dental braces were launched in 1987 for the first time which are available in numerous brands worldwide.

6. Long-distance Conversations through Telecommunications: Primarily, the long-distance conversation was invented by NASA to connect and communicate their outer space staff members with the people on earth which was gradually applied for general people and became a huge hit as telecommunications.

5. Cordless Equipments: The requirement of sending a lightweight as well as strong instrument to collect the samples from moon resulted in the invention of numerous battery operated, lightweight, cordless tools for our daily use.

4. Infrared Ear Thermometers: General thermometers are mercury operated and sometimes become difficult to read the exact temperature. To simplify this, NASA came with a unique infrared ear thermometer in the year 1991. It reduced the precious time and sped up the process in hospitals all over the world.

3. Adjustable Smoke Detectors: The innovation of adjustable smoke detectors helped people to prevent false alarms. These were made with different sensitivity levels that help to detect the difference between a simple gas and smoke caused from fire.

2. Water Filters: To purify water from bacteria, NASA applied their technology and invented water filters to purify water and made it safe for drinking.

1. Safety Grooving Technology: The safety grooving technology is applied on the pavements, roads or runways which reduce excess water present between the tyres of vehicles and roads or runways, and is used as a life saving process of general people.

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