Top 10 Leonardo Da Vinci Inventions

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the famous people in history because of the great inventions he created.  The creations he did have greatly improved our way of living because it makes the work of man faster and more efficient.  Here are the top 10 Leonardo Da Vinci inventions you must know:

10. Ball bearing

This is used to drive shafts and in operating mechanical devices. It is also used to reduce the rotational friction between bearing races.

9. Parachute

Da Vinci invented the parachute for people who want to experience how to fly without being injured up there. A parachute is a pyramid -shaped wood frame draped with cloth. However, Da Vinci wasn’t able to test this invention if it really works.

8. Ornithopter

Da Vinci invented this when he began to study the flight of birds. And so, he sketched a device that will make people fly high like those birds. The ornithopter is composed of foot pedals, membranous wings using hand levers, and pulleys for its system.

7. Machine Gun

Yes, it is true that Da Vinci hated the idea of killing machines and war but because he needed money to support his family, he created a machine for his rich patrons to win over their enemies. Good thing the machine was not built, because if it does, then doom would have happened.

6. Diving suit

This was invented so that people can ruin the enemy’s ships while underwater. The only drawback in here is that, men going under should carry a bottle to urinate so they can stay for a couple of minutes to hours.

5. Armored Tank

Da Vinci invented an ultimate war machine, which is the armored tank. The tank can fit in eight men inside. It has a turtle-like movement and has 36 guns on its sides. However, if this tank was built it will not move because there was a flaw seen in the movement of its wheels.

4. Self-propelled cart

This was the first car and the first robot vehicle invented in history. Studies show that this could have been a toy, because in Da Vinci’s notes, this invention doesn’t reveal much regarding its mechanism.


3. City of the future

When Da Vinci stayed in Milan, he thought of a plan to make it modernized, so people will not suffer from diseases the easy. He designed a city that is livable and very much sanitized; however, this plan was never built because Da Vinci cannot find a patron who is willing to fund for his “ideal city”.

2. Aerial Screw

The invention he made actually works like a helicopter that we use nowadays. However, the blades of his aerial screw were made out of linen, so do you think this would work if it was built on his time?

1. Robotic Knight

Da Vinci invented a robotic knight during the 15th century because of his fascination of the human anatomy. He had actually built this robot in favor of his patron parties and entertainment purposes.

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