Top 10 Inventions Used Regularly

Day by day, we see different types of innovations and inventions that are introduced to the world. Many of these inventions have played relevant roles in our everyday existence, and sometimes we can say that living without them can make our life dull and lifeless. Aside from that, these inventions have truly put a live spark and made impossible things possible! Well, here is the top 10 list of the most essential or useful inventions which are currently used all over the world these days.

10. Penicillin

This medical innovation was actually discovered by Alexander Fleming sometime in 1928. It was Andrew Moyer who patented the first ever method of penicillin’s industrial production in the year 1948.

9. Light Bulb

This invention was actually made known by a very popular inventor whose name was Thomas Alva Edison. From the time of its invention up to these days, light bulbs have been used at a significant rate, providing substantial benefits like giving light to the whole world.

8. Sewing Machine

Who have sewn your clothes? The seamstress or the tailor alright but the machine which was used to sew your clothes at a high speed rate is the sewing machine. In 1830, the first functional sewing machine was introduced and as years passed by more and more improvements were made to modify the original invention.

7. Steam Engine

The steam engine that made use of crude to power up was invented by Thomas Savery in 1698 and 1712. The atmospheric steam engine was patented by Thomas Newcomen. James Watt soon improved the engine and made a modern type version.

6. Camera

What will you use if you want to capture your precious moments in still photos? Yes, a camera is all you need to do it.  It was in 1837 when the first camera which made use of practical process was made. To these days, more and more types of cameras have been made and are widely used all over the world.

5. Cotton Gin

The manufacture of cotton is a very important thing. And because cotton is a very important product, its production was made even much simpler and easier with the invention of a cotton gin. It separates hulls, seeds, and other unwanted parts of the cotton being processed.

4. Automobile

Whenever we want to go somewhere else, near or far an automobile can take you where you want to go. It’s also an important invention because it can be used in carrying and transporting people and goods faster.


3. Television

Television is an important kind of invention because it helps people watch programs they like. It’s in fact a great way to make a person informed and entertained.

2. Computers

Computers are like the human brain but can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It’s indeed one of the best inventions because it’s widely used in homes and businesses around the world.

1. Telephone

This is for sure the most important kind of invention so far. It connects two people at a time and distance is not a hindrance.

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