Top 10 Gadgets for Teens

When it comes to teenagers, you can’t convince them on what is good and what is bad. They always have their own list of cool and awesome items. When it comes to gadgets the newest and powerful ones attract them the most. Here are some suggestions for the teens that can be preferred by a teen.

10. Headphones: It is trend of big headphones and tiny iPods or mini-iPods. So, when shopping for your kid, you might want to consider headphones of a good brand like beats. Beats headphones are very trendy and something for your kid to show off.

9. Voice Recorder: A voice recorder is a good option if you have a sibling or a kid lazy to take notes in class. Teens are used to listening to music; a recorder will improve the chances to remember their academic lectures.

Top 10 Gadgets for youngs

8. Speakers: Teens love loud music. Speaker of any kind will work for them. May the speakers be for the desktop or Parrot speaker for their cell phone in case you are concerned about their constant ear buds in their ears.

7. Bluetooth Speaker: What could be better than loud and portable music? This device can help to listen to music without ear buds with a durable battery lasting for around a whole day. The Bluetooth can also be used for calls, safer for teens to talk while drive and saves them from texting too.

6. Hard drive: Portable hard drive is a good option for kids who work across a lot of computers at school and at home. The drive gives easy access to data and keeps the data safe in case of the data on computer crashes or gets deleted.

5. Laptop: Laptop is another good option for the kids who spend a lot of time on the computer. It will provide them enough personal space and they can carry on their studies without interference of siblings. The sense of ownership also gives them more responsibility and they start taking care of their own things in a serious manner.

Top 10 Gadgets

4. Touch phone: Any latest cell phone can make an amazing gift for a teen. They can easily use Facebook, twitter and post videos and picture the instant they take it. Having access to social media at any instant, will double the fun.

3. A portable projector: A projector can be a good option to share the slides and watch movies. Portable projector allows you to play music from your iPod, iPhone and any other music gadget. You can also watch movies with family.

2. Advance Calculator: For a Math geek, an advanced calculator will do the job. The calculator is used in school and it can last as long as you don’t lose it. A good calculator will be a good investment.

1. Webcam: A digital webcam with audio and video quality is highly enjoyed by teens. It will save money spend on long calls. You can use it for group studies or video chat on any other occasion.

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