Top 10 Ways To Prevent Your Hands From Gadget Pain

After waking up, the first thing you do lying on the bed is checking your touchphone or Blackberry to check new mails, Facebook/Twitter updates etc. Eventually, you end up spending 20 minutes from your morning schedule in Whatsapp and then you go up to get ready for office. En route to office, you are again engrossed in your mobile or notepad. Once you reach office, the mobile or palmtop is replaced by either the office desktop or laptop for the next 9-10 hours. In between, you switch back to your phone again in cafeteria or during lunch breaks. You come back to home chatting with old buddies in Gtalk and then until you catch sleep, you can be seen either with laptop or desktop. So 24×7, you are using your hand to operate phone, smartphone, notepad, laptop, desktop and so on. And then you slowing start feeling numbness in your right wrist or right thumb wondering what went wrong.

Here are top 10 ways to prevent your hands from such pain caused by overuse of gadgets. Remember, nature has not devised your hand only to be constantly used for checking mails and chatting.

10. If you are using a desktop computer then try to adjust its monitor’s height to your eye level so that it does not put pressure to your neck. Also, match the hand level with the keyboard by adjusting the height of your chair.

9. Initially, you may feel uncomfortable but once you practice sitting straight on the chair for a couple of days, you will get habituated. Make it a point to keep your neck, shoulder and your limbs perfectly in line with each other.

8. Don’t twist or bend your wrist while using the keyboard. It should be straight and relaxed if you don’t want to grow corpus tunnel syndrome.

7. Promise to your hand and wrist that you will give them the needed break every half an hour. If you are a forgetful person then set alarm for it.

6. If you are using laptop then don’t bend over it creating a hunch in your back. Or, try not to be in a sleeping posture. Both are bad postures. Try to put it in a raised platform and use it like a desktop computer.

 5. Using the built-in laptop mouse is bad for the wrist and palm. So try to use some ergonomic wireless mouse instead.

4. While using the mobile, try not to bend your neck to look at the mobile screen. Hold it up in front of your eyes. Don’t stare at the screen for a long time.

Smart phones

3. Use both hands and both thumbs to write a text or scroll over web pages, so that the pressure is shared equally.

2. If you are an avid ebook reader then lying down can be bad to your neck and spine. Use pillow to support your neck, or else, sit straight, hold it in a stand and read.

1. Try to use the accessories and features like loudspeaker, handsets, Bluetooth headsets etc to minimize the use of hands.

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