Top 10 Cell Phone Parts Which Are Prone To Damage And Loss

In this era of technological advancement one thing which is used widely and involves intense usage is the cell phone. In its early days it was just a means of communication but with time it has been revolutionized with features like camera Mp3 player etc. Here are top 10 parts of the cell phone which get damaged easily.

10. Screen guard

The screen guard of the phone is the one which protects the screen from scratches and dust. It is most useful in protecting the screen from moisture, but this thing is most prone to damage specifically if the phone is a touch screen.

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9. Mobile cover

It protects your phone from every kind of problem possible but if something happens to this then your cell phone is at stake. Those covers which are detachable are the one which have more chances of being lost. Hence prefer un- detachable that it has stayed in touch with the phone even when it is in use.

8. In device stylus

Some mobile phones have stylus keeping space in them, but it may so happen that with regular usage the stylus lock may become loose and the stylus may drop off at any instant. Hence take care of the lock when you are putting in the stylus or it may be lost.

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7. External stylus

Those cell phones which do not have stylus space provide external stylus. These kinds of styluses are most extensive in use become more prone to damage or misplace. Hence make sure to find such styluses which can be tied to the cell phone body.

6. Keypad keys

If you do not have a touch phone then the risk of losing or damaging your screen guard is of course reduced but on the contrary the keypad keys are now at risk. If the keys are salient type then, be cautious using the keys. If you are a kind of person who types very fast then be careful of the lower attachment of those which keep the keys intact.

5. Battery

Since the cell phones have substituted the various other gadgets hence it is obvious that it needs more power to support all these features. The smart phone, iPhones or even the most advanced phones have limited battery backup and if proper care is not taken then the battery is damaged very easily.

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4. External touch keys

The external shortcut keys like the camera key or the screen lock keys may break or their covers may fall off on extensive or improper handling. Hence take care while handling your phone.

3. Volume adjustable keys

If you use the external adjustable keys too fast and too often then they are bound to get damaged and the circuit may get disturbed.

2. Cord hole cover

With several features comes several cords and to attach those several cords to the cell phone the cell phone body has pin holes and covers to protect those.

1. Charger

If the charger is not handled properly say dropped very often or is stepped on then it will be very easily damaged.

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