Apple iPhone 5 – Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

This is a special series where we would be putting up the best stuff and products which you can gift to your loved one’s this Christmas.

Here we are with our first series of the the Ultimate Gift that is going to be make your close one’s absolutely go crazy (specially after seeing it as a gift) the Apple iPhone 5, this is one of the hottest launches of the year and has been extremely successful much like the older versions of the iPhone.

iPhone 5 could work as a good gift for almost any one, be it your wife, your husband, your kids, or your parents it lets you browse internet, check emails, watch movies (samsung galaxy siii is a better alternative for movies), stay online, look for directions and a lot more. The phone is going to cost a bit heavy on your pocket though with it’s unlocked version costing $699.

Some of the Key iPhone 5 Specs:

Display: 4.0 inches Retina Display which supports upto 640 x 1136 pixels, amazing 326 ppi resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass Protection

Processor: Dual-core 1.2 GHz with 1GB Ram

Camera: 8 MP Autofocus Camera with LED Flash

OS: iOS 6

Weight: 112 g

You can also review more official details of the Product here.

There are also some pretty decent upcoming alternatives which you can checkout before ordering this absolutely gorgeous smartphone.

Why we Love iPhone 5 more than it’s alternatives?

Android has developed a lot over the years but we still feel that the User Experience on the iPhone is unmatchable. iOS apps gives an all different and much more Premium feel than it’s Android counterparts.

On the other hand Windows Phone 7.5 or 8 is at the moment no match to iOS, the apps are just not at the level of the Android or iOS. No doubt the Windows Phone 8 looks a very solid product but apps plays a key role in a Smartphone OS and Windows would need to come a long way on that front to compete with iOS.

You can also consider some amazing iPhone 5 case for Christmas if your loved one already has an iPhone 5.

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